Ten Thousand Fists

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Team Fist

Team Fist

A fast paced team using "ghost-like" tactics and quietly move around the playing field capable of getting behind the enemy before they even realize that they're nothing but prey. The team includes members; Brendan Hogan(captain), Cody Holbrook(co-captain), Dan Herriling, Heath Ferris, Patrick Hogan, Ethan Gillette, Brendon Volpe, Brandon Androsko, and David Ford. Don't let the small numb...

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Ten Thousand Fists

Bio I am the captain of Team Fist located in the heart of Auburn New York, we aren't the type of team that could be considered MILSIM, but we are a formidable team, and if you're located in the area or play on a nearby field and are looking for a good challenge, get a hold of us, we will not disappoint you.

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