2 years ago
Wallowa Airsoft

Wallowa Airsoft

Small-time team of three, located in the remote County of Wallowa.
Plenty of room to play, so very few to play with. Attempting to get the word out about the love of the sport.
So group is brand new and off to a very rough start, so our only rules are:
Have fun
Be safe
Eye protection from on-site to off-site
If you can't stand being shot by your own gun, don't bring it

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2 years ago
The Big Macs

The Big Macs

Were the kick ass group from the middle of nowhere Kansas, McPherson to be exact, so the name fits. We share a town with the "ghost warriors". We bring a new edge to this sport, bombs air-support, tanks, buggys, riot shields and more! If you're are the kind of player who thinks he/she has a spoon to put in the mayo jar, you click that join button!

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  • Category: Teams
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2 years ago
Ghost Warriors Airsoft Team

Ghost Warriors Airsoft T...

We are an Airsoft team out of McPherson, KS. We have been together for 4 years. We pride ourselves in communication and tactics!

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3 years ago
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5 years ago

Bio The Neighborhood technical who always gots a trick up his sleeve

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