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Website of the event

Website of the event

For those, considering attendance in this years Opfor; this is the link to official website:

4 years ago
Video of Op. OPFOR 2012

Video of Op. OPFOR 2012

This is a video from Op. OPFOR 2012: Unity.

4 years ago
Op. OPFOR 2014: Resolution

Op. OPFOR 2014: Resoluti...

After the Kenyan forces intervention and successful strikes against the militants of Al Shabaab, Somali army gained traction and steadily tore away parts of Somalia from the Islamist group. With the arrest of their leader in 2012, the group seemed to start loosing the grip on the country. Following year has also been a terrible one for the Islamist cause, as AMISOM started gaining traction, despit...

  • Starting Date: July 04, 2014
  • Country: Slovenia
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Teflon Cylinder Kit - Marui VSR10 /G-Spec JG BAR10 HFC VSR10

Teflon Cylinder Kit - Ma...

Fit with Marui VSR10/G-Spec,JG BAR10,HFC VSR11, SOCOM Gear R700

The Teflon Coated Cylinder Kit for VSR10 / JG BAR 10 / R700 / VSR-11 is designed to reduce friction in order to maximize efficiency.

It is also Teflon Coated like the Laylax VSR10 Cylinder for durability

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Bio In airsoft since 2005, currently active in airsoft club DTI, Officers' Association of Slovenia, IDPA shooting, Officers' Shooting Club.

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