Scorched Earth Mercenaries (SEM)

Scorched Earth Mercenari...

SEM is a tightly knit group of friends who enjoy the Military Simulation and teamwork that is incorporated into Airsoft in general. The team is constantly attracting the attention of players both old and new, and has earned the respect of many teams and organizations throughout the state of Florida, ultimately leading to being designated an Official Florida Airsoft team, FA-14.

SEM ...

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5 years ago
Forsaken Airsoft Team

Forsaken Airsoft Team

Airsoft Team established in 2011. 16 members

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  • Category: Teams
5 years ago
Airsoft Squared

Airsoft Squared

Airsoft Squared is a social network designed to connect Airsoft players and communities providing web-based tools for content creation, breaking news, scenarios and reviews publication, events and groups management. Our mission is to use web 2.0 approaches to organize Airsoft-related information and promote our sport by structuring local and global stakeholders.

New features: the Airsoft Map on...

  • by rudy 6 years ago
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5 years ago
Wolves Airsoft Club

Wolves Airsoft Club

Siguenos en:

Equipo de airsoft de Santa Cruz de la Sierra.
Somos un club de airsoft conformado en su mayoría por jóvenes que practica esta afición con motivos únicamente deportivos .
No representamos ni apoyamos de ninguna manera a ninguna facción armada, militar o política, como también no ap...

  • by Dudu 6 years ago
  • Members: 18
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Bio Im 18 as of this summer i love airsofting and was first introduced to it by my friend whos dad organises events with 30 + guys at his dads logging properties and we go do airsofting all day sometimes we will do all weekend events

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