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Looking for Wholesalers and Retailers

Looking for Wholesalers ...

We have started a new product line called, "Airsoft3D". This product line is brand new to the market and includes many innovative parts, for airsoft/paintball players, that are not available in the industry before. Our catalog currently consists of around 100 brand new parts. You can do a search for "Airsoft3D" and visit our Sculpteo and Shapeways storefront to see our products...


Bio 3D printing brings unlimited possibility to the world of airsoft. Airsoft3D aims to provide useful 3D printed airsoft parts that are fresh designs, unique, unavailable, or difficult to obtain from traditional airsoft retailers. In addition, Airsoft3D strives to expand the futuristic airsoft scenario games with science fiction airsoft gears. Build your own science fiction airsoft gun with our scifi parts.

Making a science fiction movie? Please use our futuristic airsoft parts for your scifi gun props. We can provide licensing free of charge. Contact us.

Wholesalers and retailers inquiries welcome.

Our brand new Biohazard Weapon Systems and Telescopix Shoulder Stock System product line are also great airsoft rifle add-ons for zombie/mutant scenario cosplay.

"Airsoft is a sport in which participants eliminate opponents by hitting each other with spherical non-metallic pellets launched via replica firearms called Airsoft guns." - Wikipedia

Twitter: @AirsoftOps #Airsoft3D

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