Guide to good barrels: more of a guide than a review.

Guide to good barrels: m...

This is a guide to show what to look for in a good aftermarket barrel. Many players think tighter is batter, but that is a misconception.

Teflon Cylinder Kit - Marui VSR10 /G-Spec JG BAR10 HFC VSR10

Teflon Cylinder Kit - Ma...

Fit with Marui VSR10/G-Spec,JG BAR10,HFC VSR11, SOCOM Gear R700

The Teflon Coated Cylinder Kit for VSR10 / JG BAR 10 / R700 / VSR-11 is designed to reduce friction in order to maximize efficiency.

It is also Teflon Coated like the Laylax VSR10 Cylinder for durability

4 years ago
Billy Breach Mosfet

Billy Breach Mosfet

I don't often do reviews, but I have a great deal of respect for people that go out and spend the time and effort to release their own thought out product. I have even more respect for those few that do this simply for the benefit of their community and it is this reason why I am writing this review.

Mosfets aren't a new thing in airsoft. They now come with a great deal of features, form factor...

Reinforced Piston Marui VSR10 / G-Spec, JG BAR10, HFC VSR11

Reinforced Piston Marui ...

Fit with Marui VSR10/G-Spec,JG BAR10,HFC VSR11

This piston is precision machined and polished smooth for the best possible air flow through the gun, resulting in better efficiency. Why pay more for the same result.

Note: Does not include spring, spring guide, cylinder kit, sear set, hop up bucking, barrel, or threaded barrel adapter.

Trigger Base Set Marui VSR10 Bar10 HFC VSR11 Echo M28

Trigger Base Set Marui V...

Fit with Marui VSR10/G-Spec,JG BAR10,HFC VSR11,Echo1 M28

This " Enforced Trigger Base Set " includes the piston and trigger sear, pre-assembled, for easy installation and long lasting performance. There is no better value for dollar available for these upgrades on the market.

Spring Guide for Marui VSR10 / G-Spec, JG BAR10, HFC VSR11

Spring Guide for Marui V...

Fit with Marui VSR10 / G-Spec, JG BAR10 / G-Spec, HFC VSR11

This spring guide is precision machined from high quality metal that can take a much higher stress load that stock components, resulting in more upgrade potential from your gun. Additionally, this spring guide has ball bearings to help relieve stress to the spring that can spin while in use. Why pay more for the same result.

Note: ...

AIP Alumimun Front and Rear Sight ( Fiber) For Glock17

AIP Alumimun Front and R...

Item Code : AIP-GK-16
Model : AIP Aluminum Front and Rear Sight ( Fiber) For TM Glock 17
Manufacturer by : Army International Product

  • by AIP 6 years ago
AIP Aluminum Hop-up Base for Tokyo Marui  M1911

AIP Aluminum Hop-up Base...

- Aluminum body
- For Marui M1911
- Attached O-ring

  • by AIP 6 years ago
Action Army High Precision Steel Airsoft AEG Inner Barrel

Action Army High Precisi...

he Action Army High Precision Tight Bore Inner Barrel brings high quality at a great cost. These barrels are manufactured from High Grade Stainless Steel and then machined to perfection! The Action Army Tight Bore is essential for boosting the performance of your Airsoft AEG.

Manufacturer: Action Army / Made in Taiwan
Inner Diameter: 6.01 or 6.03mm
Compatibility: All Marui Co...

4 years ago


The M14 EBR is a modern take on the older M14. Commonly known as an EBR (Enhanced Battle Rifle), it also coveres a couple modification types. The MK14 Mod.0 is the EBR which has the 6 point skeleton stock and an adjustable cheek rest. This is the style in which WE have produced their EBR. The M14 series was based pn the .308 battle rifle currently used by the US army. The M14 EBR (Enhanced Battle ...

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Bio Into AIRSOFT big style, just love them gunz

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