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Infidels MilSim Squad

Infidels MilSim Squad

Airsoft MilSim Squad

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The Airsoft Community of Kos
Here in our Airsoft Community we go by a saying of the Greek philosopher Epiktitos

"Ώσπερ το ευθύ ευθέος ου δείται, ούτος ουδέ το δίκαιων δικαίου!"
(English Pronounce)
"Osper to efthi eutheos u deite utos ude to dikeon dikeu"

Which means : Just like a straight line needs no ruler, Right and Fair needs no Justice

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Black Hawk Down

Black Hawk Down

Two Blackhawks have been shot down by Somali militia and are under fire. Both sides are struggling to reach the stranded crew before the other.

*For more info, look at the teams*

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Bio I was born and raised in Athens, I live now in the Greek Islanad of Kos in the Dodecanise area, as a kid i loved Counter-Strike and although i was pretty good and dedicated player My favorite shooting game was Opperation Flashpoint (the mother and father of Arma Series) which was actually the very first Milsim game, with all that said i joined the Special Forces Green Berrets in my time in the army serving as an amphibious Commando for 9 months, Trained as a Mashine Gunner and a demolition expert! Needless to say it was a lifechanging experience! then 5 years later i learned about Airsoft and that there are a lot of people even in the distant island of kos that share the love for Airsoft and Milsim games!

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