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King Arms Galil Mar AEG Review

King Arms Galil Mar AEG ...

The Galil Mar AEG is the second replica coming from King Arms' factories that I have be given the chance to try out this year. My first test with their Colt M4 A1 was more than positive. This second test confirms that King Arms is definitely a quality brand you can trust.

The context : 20 players, a complex scenario based on roleplay elements and most of all an amazing (and playable) castle in ...

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6 years ago
Cyma MP5 K

Cyma MP5 K

J'avais craqué sur cette petite machine

Je me demandais si elle pouvait etre valable en partie...maniabilité, efficacité
me derangeais juste la portée...que je ne connaissais alors pas

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ARES H&K G36 series (C & K) EBB

ARES H&K G36 series (C &...

Ares released a new liscensed G36 series into the market. Not only do H&K liscense it but the gun runs on ARES's new recoil system. This system is comparable to the TM recoil system you will find in the TM M4 SOPMOD however it is around half the price! The H&K box is very professional (black with red lines and the H&K logo) when we opened it, we recieved a 180rd midcap, barrel cleaning rod and the...

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