Weapon Shuffle

Weapon Shuffle

The idea is that the more kills you get the closer you or your team are to winning.
This game is like any other team deathmatch game but it has a slight twist to it.
For every kill that you get you have to switch weapons. Also, this type of game should have unlimited respawns.

As you play the game everyone first starts out with an AEG on full auto. Then when a player gets a kill that player r...

Review radio PRC-152 y antena larga dummy de Z-Tactical. Hac

Review radio PRC-152 y a...

La marca Z-Tactical es el área dedicada a comunicaciones de la empresa Element. Los productos de esta compañía son variados y siempre dedicados a la comunicación, desde headsets hasta accesorios para radios. --
The Z-Tactical brand is the area dedicated to business communications Element. The company's products are varied and always dedicated to communication, from headsets to accessories for radi...

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UTG Model 4-Tactical and Fire test.

UTG Model 4-Tactical and...

Look at the Videos for the review and firing of the Model-4 Tactical.

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Bio Irish Airsoft Promotions providing fun airsoft events in Ireland

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