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Airsoft Squared

Airsoft Squared

Airsoft Squared is a social network designed to connect Airsoft players and communities providing web-based tools for content creation, breaking news, scenarios and reviews publication, events and groups management. Our mission is to use web 2.0 approaches to organize Airsoft-related information and promote our sport by structuring local and global stakeholders.

New features: the Airsoft Map on...

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Recon Ghosts Airsoft Team

Recon Ghosts Airsoft Tea...

The Recon Ghosts Airsoft Team was founded in november 2008, by a couple of guys which wanted a little more for themselfes.
Tactics is one of our main priorietys, to play smart together and reach the objective with as less
casualties as possible.
We all wear Multicam (mainly Propper) and we like to take a lot of details in our gear.
We don't do any kind of reenactment, to much stress. We like t...

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6 years ago
Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter

Ok so this game is pretty fun with about 8-20 players, but you can play with as many as you like.

To play: Take a deck of cards and sort out one card for each player. Make some of them face cards (About 1 face card every 3 people) then shuffle the cards and hand them out. don't show your card to any one, if you got a face card you are a Bounty hunter if you don't have a face card you are a Cr...


Bio I have Been in Airsoft for about 8 years. I really love it, its the best thing in the world. I plan on starting a field and a small Company this year.

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