Guide to good barrels: more of a guide than a review.

Guide to good barrels: m...

This is a guide to show what to look for in a good aftermarket barrel. Many players think tighter is batter, but that is a misconception.

CAG Armor  (Copie du CAGE Armor de Crye Precision)

CAG Armor (Copie du CAG...

Review du ‘SolidFox’ CAG Armor, première reproduction du CAGE Armor Châssis de Crye Precision.
Et en véritable MultiCam s’il vous plaît !
Je précise que je n\\\'ai jamais eu de PC donc la comparaison au niveau poids, emport, confort m\\\'est impossible ou bien approximative.
D\\\'avance, désolé pour les photos floues, elles ne semblaient pas l\\\'être sur l\\\'écran de l\\\'appareil.

Note: J...

7 years ago
KJW/Tanio Koba M4 GBBR

KJW/Tanio Koba M4 GBBR

The TK M4 is KJW's first foray into the world of Gas Blow Back Rifles (GBBR). It is a design by Mr. Tanio Koba that has implemented some very interesting elements.
The KJW M4 is criticized by some for lacking realism in the bolt carrier group. However, after stress testing it has been found that the KJW M4 is more reliable then a WE or WA GBBR. This has made newcomers to GBBRs flock to it for rel...

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