Condor Outdoor MOPC: Modular Operator Plate Carrier

Condor Outdoor MOPC: Mod...

I just recently aquired a Condor Modular Operator Plate Carrier in the past few months. I have outfitted my plate carrier with two Double Stacker Open-Top M4 Mag Pouch (also from Condor Outdoor) on the front apron, radio pouch on the back upper shoulder, two double M4 pouches one on each side of the 'cumberbun' and small pouches such as a flashlight pouch and two other smaller utility pouches on t...

matthew.lehman.144 commented on his profile
4 years ago

Hello. I'm new here. I'm located in SoCal. Just getting my feet wet in this airsoft thing. I played my first game at Mr Paintball's in Escondido; it was a lot of fun. Look forward to more.


Bio My load-out consists of a KWA PTS MAGPUL RM4 ERG (Carbine), an Apex Mk13 Mod 4, an Apex Carbine CQB/R, and a Tokyo Marui M92F BIO Samurai Edge. I run Proper and True Spec BDUs and Condor Outdoor and Magpul tactical gear. I like to keep my load-outs mission specific; as light as the mission will allow. See you on the field.

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