Review: Helikon-Tex Patriot Heavy Fleece Jacket

Review: Helikon-Tex Patr...

Don't let yourself get fooled. It's not Summer yet. The cold is around to ruin your day. Nothing like a nice warm coat for your Airsoft games. We already reviewed several jackets from Helikon-Tex. In fact, we can't stop recommending these amazing items of clothing. We have yet another jacket for the cold: the Patriot Heavy Fleece Jacket is amazing for those games early in the day with one digit te...

Review: Strike Systems (ASG) MOLLE Full-Set Vest

Review: Strike Systems (...

A nice debut for Airsoft Portugal. Coming directly from our Danish friends at ASG - Action Sport Games, this amazing MOLLE Full-Set Vest from the Strike Systems line comes to defy all other brands with a solid bet on quality and durability. We're going to tell you all about our experience with this amazing item and its components.

Review: Viper Tactical Elite 5 Boots

Review: Viper Tactical E...

After our last review where we talked about the Special Ops Gloves from Viper Tactical, we move to the other end of the body. This time, also with the support of this brand, we bring you a new review to one of the most important protection accessories that a player can have to play Airsoft properly. Today Airsoft Portugal presents the Elite 5 Boots, the latest bet for the brand's range of footwear...

Review: Viper Tactical Special Ops SoftShell Jacket

Review: Viper Tactical S...

Viper Tactical is the latest brand to support our review program. With this support we bring you the Special Ops Soft Shell Jacket. This type of coats have been popular in any Airsoft event or even in our day-to-day basis. Many players seek that Tacticool aspect in or out of the field, and with our hard winter this jacket has become a real asset. Follow us in this review and get to know part of th...

Review: Helikon Tex Wombat Shoulder Bag

Review: Helikon Tex Womb...

Yet another debut at Airsoft Portugal. We're reviewing a support bag. We all appreciate the transportation of all required and essential items for an Airsoft game. Sometimes, we're forced to make choices due to the lack of space in our vest or uniform pockets. The backpack has been the chosen carrier when we need more equipment. But what if the backpack is too big? How about a smaller bag that can...

Review: ASG CZ P-09

Review: ASG CZ P-09

Some time ago, we reviewed the CZ 75 from Action Sport Games. It was our first experience with gas powered replicas (or GBBs) from the brand, and we can say that we were quite pleased. Today Airsoft Portugal, once again with the support of ASG, brings the review of the younger and more modern sister of the CZ75, the CZ P-09. A replica with a much more current look and a performance that, once more...

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Review: Viper Tactical Special Ops Gloves

Review: Viper Tactical S...

Once more we have the support fron the Viper Tactical brand to bring you another review. Today, Airsoft Portugal brings you the Special Ops Gloves, one of the new items that are part of the latest range, which is the new bet from the brand. Most players know that a good pair of gloves is a key accessory of any kit, and at AP we decided to request these to test them.

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