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JG AUG A3 Super Spectacular Review Extravaganza 9000!

JG AUG A3 Super Spectacu...

This is a review for the version of the JG AUG A3 which I own, which is the 2010 model. I don't believe it has been upgraded too heavily from then to the newer model, but if it has been, well, you are shit out of luck. Understand? Fantastic, let's begin.

Just a side note before I begin. I do not try and waste your time with fancy and shiny things that have nothing to do with the gun. I te...

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Emerson FAST helmet review

Emerson FAST helmet revi...

I recentlty did a review on the Emerson FAST Base Jump Helmet for the 6mmDistrict.com

Helmets are one of the more unpopular items in airsoft, not because players don't want to wear them, but because no one has seem to make a helmet that satisfies the airsoft community...that is until now.

5 years ago


The M14 EBR is a modern take on the older M14. Commonly known as an EBR (Enhanced Battle Rifle), it also coveres a couple modification types. The MK14 Mod.0 is the EBR which has the 6 point skeleton stock and an adjustable cheek rest. This is the style in which WE have produced their EBR. The M14 series was based pn the .308 battle rifle currently used by the US army. The M14 EBR (Enhanced Battle ...

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