Operation Summer Tears 2015

Operation Summer Tears 2...

Operation Summer Tears 2015

Link to website:

Where: 2620 Valley Branch Road Nashville, IN (eXplore Brown County)
When: June 23, 2015
Times: 11am-5pm
Cost: $10 (extra $2 for tan team members who want a ride to the top of the field; it's a long walk)

Full-seal goggles are required. The FPS limit is 400fps. No guns higher than 400fps will be allowed...

3 years ago
Operation Night Hawk

Operation Night Hawk

Operation Night Hawk is a overnight MILSIM event. 3 team of 20 players max. Each team will be searching for black boxes though the rough hills and trees while battling the enemy teams also searching. The team with the most black boxes at 6:00Am wins the event. You can camp in your team base area. You must stay on the trails if you do NOT have night vision. If you can see during the night you can g...

Tuftonboro Airsofters

Tuftonboro Airsofters

This is a small group of players located at and around Tuftonboro New Hampshire. I started it about a year ago and i have been trying to get players, so far just a couple people who are interested but not serious. im on here looking for serious players or people that would actually like to play

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Become a authorized HK Dealer

Become a authorized HK D...

Become a authorized HK and Elite Force dealer today. Contact us at

Southern Serpent Marine Corps Recruitment Meeting

Southern Serpent Marine ...

PLEASE READ PROFILE INFORMATION FOR NUMBERS AND FACEBOOK LINKS. SSMC is a small Airsoft group in Edinburgh Indiana looking for dedicated airsoft players looking to excel in the skill of airsoft while having fun at the same time. Message and add us for more information.

At east
-Victor, Ryan, and Damon.

  • by SSMC 5 years ago
Operation Osprey Spanseniye

Operation Osprey Spansen...

A CIA operative has been captured by Russian Spetsnaz in Donetsk, Ukraine and is being held in a safehouse within the city. The 22nd MEU-SOC is currently in the Black Sea and is the only special operations unit capable of accomplishing the mission in the time required. A joint team of Marine Force Recon and Scout/Snipers from the 22nd MEU-SOC has been tasked with rescuing the operative ...

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