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N.A.M.A.D. airsoft team

N.A.M.A.D. airsoft team

Team history begins in 2008 from the airsoft game F.E.A.R. Most of players, that participated in this project, after end of the game hadn't disbanded like others, and in reverse had united to continue trainings and games together. About N.A.M.A.D.:

Manpower - 53 members. Actually there are 15 open vacancies, We admit, who have passed selection on trainings, probation term and one/two official g...

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UK Retailer distributing Airsoft Spring Sniper replacement and upgrade parts for rifles such as the VSR and L96 models.

JG AUG A3 Super Spectacular Review Extravaganza 9000!

JG AUG A3 Super Spectacu...

This is a review for the version of the JG AUG A3 which I own, which is the 2010 model. I don't believe it has been upgraded too heavily from then to the newer model, but if it has been, well, you are shit out of luck. Understand? Fantastic, let's begin.

Just a side note before I begin. I do not try and waste your time with fancy and shiny things that have nothing to do with the gun. I te...

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Bio uk based player ,pretty new to airsoft really , as a battlefield player for years online tryed it in real life .run a team now at airsoft battlefield dogs took some time to put together the right people .as i have ran gaming clans for years its not that hard .first gun aug3 yup still love it .load out as we play woodland its ww2 german camo main gun mp44 . .

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