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Gold Thief - Scribblestown Airsoft

Gold Thief - Scribblesto...

objectives steal the gold =
In order to get into the bank our team needs the key, to get in through the bank door
in order to get into the vault, we'll need the code that is in the box
the key is in the feild approximetly over here
the box is going to be approximetly over here
the bank is over here
this is where we bring the gold

-The Hunting Party - Special Ops Airsoft

-The Hunting Party - Spe...

hey guys, so we're here in Special Ops Airsoft, We were prepared for some shite weather but seems like Met Éireann got it wrong, there were many new experiences but i will show you the one that I found most intresting

rules= every member has two bands on their forearms, after shooting you opponent he counts to 20 seconds in that time you can take ONE of his bands, after getting shot and your ...

-Reinsurer- Scribblestown Airsoft

-Reinsurer- Scribblestow...

hey guys, I'm back in Scribblestown again, it was a very wet day but that didn't stop us,
Rules of the game= Each team has 6 barrels, the objective is to take as many from the oposing team and protect our own, the team with the most barrels wins

Parasites Airsoft -

Capture the Flag -RedBarn Airsoft-

Capture the Flag -RedBar...

that day we lost both games, but the day was not lost as it was really enjoyable and we all had a great crake, I hope yous enjoyed it, if you did, dont forget to like and subscribe for more videos

Parasites Airsoft -

-Skirmish- RedHill Airsoft

-Skirmish- RedHill Airso...

Whats up guys, welcome to today's video. 6 of the members of The Parasites airsoft team attended Redhill site in Kildare. The footage I'm about to show you are the best moments of the day. There was varies diffrent games on that day, these games were fun, thrilling and filled with cheaters. I hope you enjoy

Battle - RedBarn Airsoft

Battle - RedBarn Airsoft

Battle - RedBarn Airsoft

First Gameplay 2019 - Scriblestown Airsoft

First Gameplay 2019 - Sc...

Happy New year everyone ! New season is starting. For all Airsofters, interesting gameplays and I try to capture the best moments from our team. Hope you enjoy the footages and this year

Hello, I'm Red - Multiplayer - Special Ops

Hello, I'm Red - Multipl...

last weekend we played at The Special Ops site. Three of the ,,Parisites,, had action cameras, so here’s the best moments from our fighters. Enjoy the footage

4 months ago
Golden Bullet

Golden Bullet

Scribblestown Airsoft

5 months ago
Fingal Airsoft

Fingal Airsoft

The First Time in Fingal Airsoft

parasites airsoft

Bio Hi guys.Great forum you have here.My name is Egis and I am in Parasites Airsoft team ,Ireland

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