Viper Tactical Lazer and Modular One Day Packs

Viper Tactical Lazer and...

We have seen some of the Viper Tactical gear here at TacticalTwo, like the Elite Platform plate carrier. And you know what a great addition to a plate carrier would be? A day pack!

It’s no secret that wearing an additional backpack over your plate carrier is far from being comfortable. Fortunately, there are solutions to that, such as the smaller Haley Strategic FlatPack or, manufactured by Vip...

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ACT Lunox

ACT Lunox

Night vision–the Holy Grail of gear any airsofter dreams about. Having the advantage of seeing better at night has been looked for since the very first battles ever took place. Night vision devices (NVDs for short) give you that ability. There are many different types available, from older technology, to the newest one that costs an arm and a leg. Or do they?

In United States access to 3rd gene...

Helicon-Tex Urban Tactical Pants Review

Helicon-Tex Urban Tactic...

The Helicon-Tex UTP pants are part of the Urban Tactical Line group of products offered by Helikon-Tex. This line is designed to meet the needs of more casual users–it’s perfectly fine to wear these items on a day-to-day basis. If you are going hiking, doing casual shooting or simply need an outfit that is capable of withstanding heavier use, this is the line of clothes for you.

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Tactical Gear: What's Trendy this Summer?

Tactical Gear: What's Tr...

With summer 2014 in full swing, it can only mean one thing: the latest versions of our favourite products are being released again.

A new season brings with it a new style, and a new desire for tools to help get the most out of the warmer weather. Nothing fits in to that category quite like a pair of sunglasses.

What to Look for in a Conceal Carry Belt

What to Look for in a Co...

Civilian belts are designed to look good and be stylish and perhaps to keep your pants from falling down. With a conceal carry tactical belt, however, function is the most important aspect that should be considered in a purchase. A well-designed conceal carry belt make the difference for a smooth draw in a stressful situation when time is critical.

Getting Into Airsoft and Tactical Hobbies The Easy Way

Getting Into Airsoft and...

Much like paintball, many people are getting into airsoft, and it’s one of the more interesting tactical hobbies that you can get into. You can play in a variety of military style games and settings, and the sport allows you to hit other participants with non-metal based pellets. They are launched through replica firearms, and they are non-lethal much like paintballs. If you can understand the app...

3 Tips For Picking Up The Best Airsoft Products

3 Tips For Picking Up Th...

As more and more people start look at airsoft products, guns, and accessories, manufacturers are coming out of the woodwork to try and meet demand. Alongside this push for more products, there are a lot of terrible items being pawned off as excellent solutions. You may be fooled if you go to an auction website or you find a random ecommerce setup online. You will need to figure out how to pick out...

Review: Magpul Bump Case for iPhone 5/5s

Review: Magpul Bump Case...

You have probably read our previous review of Magpul’s iPhone case - the Executive Field Case for iPhone 4/4S. This time around we are having a look at Magpul Bump Case for the new iPhone 5/5s.

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