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6 years ago
Hunter [Night Game]

Hunter [Night Game]

1 or 2 players are designated the 'downed pilots' or 'spies' (whatever you want to call it) and they get a 5 - 10 minute head start (depending on the size of the play area).

The others have to break down into fire teams and a fire team is released every couple of mins.

The Hunted have to last as long as possible or eliminate as many of the opposition as they can.

6 years ago
DMZ Operations

DMZ Operations

This is the mini MILSIM event you were all promised. The details for this event are:
Two neighboring nations are having strained relations. They have mobilized their troops to the border between the two nations. The border will be fortified to defend against an attack from either side. As relations break down the border will become more and more hostile.

Each side must protect their side of th...


Bio U.S. Army vet, enjoys airsoft with family and friends. I am the commander of the Alpha -Omega Strike Force airsoft team, a Christian oriented team. We currently have 9 members. We are always looking for fellow Christians in the Warsaw, Indiana area who want to join. We use all modern warfare weapons such as M16, M4, G36C, MP5, FAMAS, AK47 and sniper rifles. We strongly believe in Safety First, Fun Second.

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