Classic Army m203 shorty w/ shell
100 USD

Classic Army m203 shorty...

If my other two postings didn't do it for you, I have something bigger: Classic Army Military SOCOM Short M203 Launcher with a 32 bb shotgun shell going for $100. Works perfect, but it was painted from desert to black and has seen some action(minor paint chipping, super easy to fix). Shell is pristine. Airsoft GI Stats Link:

Here's a vi...

3 years ago
Classic Army G36
120 USD

Classic Army G36

My second AEG up for sale is a Classic Army Mk36 (G36 full size) AEG with 1 hi cap and 5 midcaps, no battery going for $120. Makes for a great field rifle, and if you throw on a CA bipod and a drum mag you have yourself a "machine gun". Spent most of its life mothballed but still shoots great, has awesome reach. Here's the Airsoft GI link with stats:

3 years ago
Classic Army AK Tactical
150 USD

Classic Army AK Tactical

So I have a few things for sale today. First we have a full metal Classic Army Full Metal SLR105 Tactical AEG with battery, 2 hi caps and 2 mid caps and a Holo Sight (EOTech Clone) going for $150 (Retail is $220 for the aeg alone). Shoots great, only seen a couple of days of gameplay. Here is a link to Airsoft GI that has all the information about FPS and so on:


Bio I don't like writing about myself, feels too narcissistic.

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