JG AUG A3 Super Spectacular Review Extravaganza 9000!

JG AUG A3 Super Spectacu...

This is a review for the version of the JG AUG A3 which I own, which is the 2010 model. I don't believe it has been upgraded too heavily from then to the newer model, but if it has been, well, you are shit out of luck. Understand? Fantastic, let's begin.

Just a side note before I begin. I do not try and waste your time with fancy and shiny things that have nothing to do with the gun. I te...

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The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games

The Capitol has fulfilled their annual obligation to choose one boy and one girl from each of the twelve districts. You were unfortunate enough to be chosen. Now it's a fight for survival. Will you join an alliance or fight as a lone wolf? Will you run away from, or into the heart of the battle? Will you win or die? It doesn't matter how you play but only the last man standing will win!

Team Airsoft F.P.S.

Team Airsoft F.P.S.

... Created in January 2008 and July 6 legally formalized at the National Sports Institute, obtained legal status and tax nonprofit role.
Note: Our country Chile is the 1st country in the world to legally recognize the Airsoft Sport mode as
Under Resolution No. 245 excenta January 20, 2011
-------------------------------------------------- ---------------------...

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5 years ago
GhostSqad Military Simulation Team

GhostSqad Military Simul...

Historia grupy GhostSqad to nie opowie?? nasi?kni?ta
niesamowitymi opowiadaniami i trudami przy jej powstawaniu. Otó?
nasza grupa powsta?a w bardzo prosty, nieskomplikowany sposób.
Kilka osób: Fizyk, 3miel, Ashes, Janek cz?sto dzia?a?y na polu
airsoftowym w jedynym teamie. ?aden z Nas nie nale?a? do ?adnej
ekipy, byli?my wolnymi strzelcami czy jak niektórzy mówili,
najemnikami. Oczywi?cie zn...

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5 years ago
Joueurs de langue française

Joueurs de langue frança...

Pour tous les joueurs parlant la langue française.


Bio I have just recently gained an intrest in airsift, MilSim and paintballing. I'm from near Utica, New York and am trying to start am airsofting team in the area. If your intrested then message me here. I'll mail you an application. And on one last note, I'm 14, not 32. y birthday is in 1998 n0t 1980.

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