Long Range Sniper Rifles at Great Discounts!

Long Range Sniper Rifles...

The season of discounts continues with offering some of their coolest long range sniper rifles at impressive discounts. Here’s a quick rundown of its features and prices of some of the rifles:

420 FPS DE MK96 ShadowOps Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle with an original price of $77.95

is now available at $69.80

<b>Magazine Capacity:</b> 29 rounds

30-70% off on Airsoft Megastore’s  Products

30-70% off on Airsoft Me...

Airsoft Megastore’s Clearance Sale: Get 30-70% off on Various Products

Airsoft Megastore, as part of its clearance sale, is offering a flat 30-70 percent on its impressive line-up of products that includes:

1. A Deltaforce Full Size MP40 Spring Rifle w/ Folding Stock WWII MP-40

2. A JG Airsoft Full Metal M5 Double Magazine Adjustable Clamp

3. BattleAxe Airsoft Double Magazine Connector...

Clearance Sell from AirsoftMegastore!

Clearance Sell from Airs...

Hi all! Am back again with some amazing news about the clearance sale from There is not one not two but around 20 items put on incredible clearance that you can cash in on. Here’s a rundown on some of them

Airsoft 360rd High Capacity Magazine for R36 - For Echo1 JG CA and TM

The 360 round high capacity magazine meant for R36 AEG rifles is now available at $5....

Buy a high end AEG, get pistol 50% off promo

Buy a high end AEG, get ...

Looking for a high end AEG and something 'more'? Here is what you always wished for! is offering pistol 50% off promo with each high end AEG to make your New Year even more special. See the details here -

Buy a Mid End AEG, Get 2 Mags Free Promo

Buy a Mid End AEG, Get 2...

Here comes some exciting New Year offers from Buy a mid end AEG and get 2 mags absolutely free promo! Check out the free mag offer here -

Festive Offers From Airsoft Megastore

Festive Offers From Airs...

With the New Year round the corner and the Christmas spirit still on- it’s time for all you airsofters out there to step up the festive mood. Airsoft Megastore brings you a wide array of attractive offers as holiday gifts to ensure that your celebrations this year become all the more memorable for you. So what are you waiting for? Visit the website to get details ab...

Airsoft Megastore: Santa’s Double-Play AEG Giveaway!

Airsoft Megastore: Santa...

Once again a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year friends!<br />
Believe it or not- The Christmas fever is still on! is now giving away free AEG everyday till 31st December, 2013. Check it out here<br />
Visit this space to know all about the details of the contest!<br />

Top 3 Featured Products of Airsoft Megastore

Top 3 Featured Products ...

<p>With Christmas knocking on the door, you must be preparing for a power-packed, adventurous winter and the new range of airsoft guns, offered by Airsoft Megastore, will allow you to do exactly that. Whether you are an amateur player or consider airsoft as a regular sport, you will definitely love to try your hands at high-end airsoft rifles and guns and this is where <b>www.airsoftme...

Basic Airsoft Rules To Be Followed

Basic Airsoft Rules To B...

Airsoft has been a popular gaming option among most of the people over the past years mainly due to its adventurous nature, attractive features and easy gaming rules. While airsoft games mean lots of funs and enjoyments, it also involves huge risks. In fact, there are possibilities of a player getting seriously injured or even death during the games. Therefore, it is important to be thoroughly awa...

Access A New Range Of Airsoft Rifle At Airsoft Megastore

Access A New Range Of Ai...

<p>Well, even though airsoft guns were once used as a major plaything for kids, it has now turned out to be a replica for guns, to be used by military training. Since real firearms too much expensive, it's not possible to use them for the military training and other purposes, always., and this is where replica airsoft pistols help you out the best. Moreover, many people are enjoying airsoft ...


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