Tokyo Marui G3 (non functional)
50 USD

Tokyo Marui G3 (non func...

Tokyo Marui G3. It has a Prometheus 6.03 barrel and systema gear box. It uses a deans connector but has a deans to tamiya small adapter with it. Last time it was chronoed it was shooting 500+ fps with .2 bbs . The gear box has been changed to only shoot semi auto (can be switched to full). It comes with a rail mount that has a red dot sight (cracked but it works), a 3-9x40E scope, and magazine. On...

2 years ago
Cyma cm028a
70$ USD

Cyma cm028a

Selling my Cyma Cm028a ak, asking 70$(it retails for 130$ on airsoftgi) it's never been taken to the field which is why I'm selling it, It's been sitting in a box in my room since I got it. It's a Cyma and its full metal, so you will be getting quality

Some features are its full metal body, rail system, version 2 metal gearbox, comes with a sling, 600 round hicap mag, shoots 350-380 fps. It did...

AEG Rifle for sale No clip, No Battery
75 USD

AEG Rifle for sale No cl...

Since I am going off to college I cannot bring my airsoft stuff with me so I'm selling it all at 50% off new price

Full metal mp5 swordfish used once
170 USD

Full metal mp5 swordfish...

I have a full metal mp5 swordfish with a stick 1600 mah nimh battery and 2 high cap mags. Only used once and rewired to deans. Works best with .25s.

Cyma Full Metal M4 CQB
110$ USD

Cyma Full Metal M4 CQB

I used this M4 in a few CQB matches but decided that I enjoyed playing with a sniper rifle more. This M4 has never jammed on me and can be used in both outdoor and indoor fields. Comes with two extended magazines and 2 midcap magazines as well as a coyote red dot sight and a tactical flashlight. Both are removable.

Tommy Gun and Shotgun for Sale, Buy 1 Get 1
70 USD

Tommy Gun and Shotgun fo...

There about 2 months old, played 2 weekends in a row and now I don't wanna play anymore. Not bad of guns but somebody could find these more entertaining then I would. For future info the dang Tommy gun hurts



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