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G&G L85A2

G&G L85A2

Do you love tea? Do you love Elizabeth II? Do you love bullpups?

If you answer yes to one or more questions, then this is the gun for you. The G&G L85A2, as you can read, this is a replica of the SA80 L85A2, current rifle of the British Armed Forces. Want to know more? Luckily, I know how to copy and paste:

The SA80 (Small Arms for the 1980s) is a British family of 5.56mm small arms. It is ...

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4 years ago
The Last of Us

The Last of Us

Game based on The Last of Us video game. Game was held on 11/16/13 in The Woodlands TX.

  • by Joel 4 years ago
The Ultimate Customizable MOLLE Vests

The Ultimate Customizabl...

Real Action Paintball Offers MOLLE Vests - The Ultimate in Custom Apparel! Real Action Paintball is proud to introduce the ultimate in custom apparel: the MOLLE tactical vest, as made perfect by RAP4.

The US military uses Modular Lightweight Load-bearing Equipment (MOLLE) to enable soldiers to carry large amounts of gear, then reorganize their payload to accommodate changing conditions and dif...

  • by RAP4 4 years ago
AngryGun - New Tavour21 rail system

AngryGun - New Tavour21 ...

AngryGun releaed some pictures from their new Tavour 21 rail system. It is available for Ares, S&T, Cybergun and Elite force Tavour 21 AEGs.

Release date is January´14 – stay tuned…

MORE DAILY NEWS ON OUR BLOG HERE: http://blog.airsoftcommunity.de/

Get a $200 Airsoft Gun for $1! AirSplat What the Buck!? Sale

Get a $200 Airsoft Gun f...

AirSplat's WHAT THE BUCK?! Sale! Guns that Don't Suck for a Buck!

With all the FREE guns you can get, shoppers will be saying "WHAT THE BUCK?!?!" For a limited time only, AirSplat shoppers can get an airsoft gun for $1 with purchases up to $100! These aren't your cheap springer airsoft guns that you get for free like other retai...

MKP SKAR Magazine Fed Marker

MKP SKAR Magazine Fed Ma...

Our engineers start with a Tippmann X7 Phenom mechanical marker, and then swap the internals into a Tacamo Mag Fed Conversion Kit - this lets you use the Tippmann parts in a body that accepts detachable magazines! Get rid of that clunky hopper, and embrace the convenience and reliability of spring-powered magazines...and enjoy the realistic looks, balance, and handling of the MKP SKAR!

We inclu...

  • by RAP4 4 years ago
RedWolf Airsoft - Hephaestus HTS-14 GBB overview

RedWolf Airsoft - Hephae...

No matter what Tim thinks of an airsoft gun, whether it’s ugly or just not his type he will review it! Next in line is the Hephaestus HTS-14 and Tim tries his very hardest to give you a fair review on it.

Pre-order Link: http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf…

DAILY NEWS ON OUR NEWS BLOG OVER HERE: http://blog.airsoftcommunity.de/

Dytac - Kryptek Highlander AEGs

Dytac - Kryptek Highland...

DYTAC send over news about their latest new released AEGs in Kryptek Highlander pattern.

Check them out on our blog: http://blog.airsoftcommunity.de/dytac-kryptek-highlander-aegs

The Tactical Operator Hoodie

The Tactical Operator Ho...

I recently aquired a new hoodie from airsoft gi. The Cast Gear Tactical Operator Hoodie is the Tactical hoodie I have always wanted with a price tag that is much more reasonable that its competition.

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