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3 years ago
3 years ago
Whats your Loadout???

Whats your Loadout???

Hi there everyone, we all have our own favourite loadouts.

Well what we want to know is, whats yours???

New, old or just your own personal mix.

Could be film/game related or even real life look.

Gaz Ward (youngsharky)

Photos taken by myself at frontier airsoft (UK)

Frontier Airsoft- KILL OR CURE (Disarm the bomb)

Frontier Airsoft- KILL O...

Hi there everyone, been a while but still been busy airsofting and taking photos.

At the start of March we had a game called Kill or Cure where the game leads up to a very special moment in deed.

We all play many games where the objective is to plant the bomb and after a time a pyro goes off to show that the objective was destroyed.


In this story the final game had a bomb exp...

Share your experinces via airsoft-squared

Share your experinces vi...

Hi everyone.

As you may have seen before i have been posting recently.

We all have stories to share and photos aswell.

Get along side airsoft squared and view your opinions and debates and share great photos.

Here is a few more of mine.

Taken myself at frontier airsoft (UK)

Thanks everyone gaz ward (youngsharky)

Dont forget to Add, Share and Like!!!

Dont forget to Add, Shar...

Hi there, we all like reading peoples stories and also seeing great pictures.

Heres a few of mine taken at frontier airsoft.

Join us and Add, Share and Like!!!

Gaz Ward (youngsharky)

4 years ago
What's YOUR story????

What's YOUR story????

Hi there everybody, just thought I would take the opportunity to reach out to the airsofters out there.

What's YOUR story??

From big weekenders, to big sites. Where did you go? Where would you like to go?

But mainly what's your favourite.

Using airsoft squared voice your opinion on what you like maybe even what you would like. For me it's sharing experiences.

For myself I have p...

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4 years ago
We are looking for contributors

We are looking for contr...

The premium bloggers team is recruiting contributors to share their expertise in the field of Airsoft and write tutorials to help new players understand this game. Our best contributors will receive free gears in priority.

About 50 tutorials are already published on

Contact us here to be part of the team and for more info :

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Frontier Airsoft- WARLORD (mortar strike)

Frontier Airsoft- WARLOR...

Hi there fellow airsofters. A few weeks ago the site i marshal/photograph at held a game called "Warlord" in which one of the main characters was a mortar man.

This was carried out at Frontier Airsoft. Based in the UK (west-Midlands)

The prop in question was used to set off a, mortar strike when taken to a certain point to destroy enemy land rovers which was located using flags. Bo...


Bio Hi there I'm gaz. I'm a keen airsoft player and also a marshal/photographer for frontier airsoft in the uk :).

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