Review: Viper Tactical Elite 5 Boots

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Category Tactical clothing
Model Elite 5 Boots
Brand Viper Tactical
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Creation date March 12, 2015
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After our last review where we talked about the Special Ops Gloves from Viper Tactical, we move to the other end of the body. This time, also with the support of this brand, we bring you a new review to one of the most important protection accessories that a player can have to play Airsoft properly. Today Airsoft Portugal presents the Elite 5 Boots, the latest bet for the brand's range of footwear.


With the Elite 5 from Viper Tactical I found a balanced combination of protection and comfort, something I value a lot for long games, whether it rains or sunshines to venture the woods or urban areas. For these or any other type of games, I like to have some confidence in the boots I'm wearing to protect my feet from hazards or the elements, especially water.

Pay attention to your shoelaces while they're still new, as they may get loose with some ease if they are not properly set. We recommend tucking the knots properly to avoid this issue.

The brand did a good job in building the boots with high quality material. With this review, Airsoft Portugal approves the Elite 5, and we will put them into further tests in the fields out there, in order to prove their quality.

Esthetism rating: 5/10
Performance rating: 5/10
Precision rating: 5/10
Accessories rating: 5/10
Quality rating: 5/10
Overall rating:

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