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Creation date March 20, 2015
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Yet another debut at Airsoft Portugal. We're reviewing a support bag. We all appreciate the transportation of all required and essential items for an Airsoft game. Sometimes, we're forced to make choices due to the lack of space in our vest or uniform pockets. The backpack has been the chosen carrier when we need more equipment. But what if the backpack is too big? How about a smaller bag that can be used inside and outside our games with some nice room, MOLLE integration and shoulder straps? We present you the amazing Wombat Shoulder Bag, a really nice quality design from Helikon Tex.


Honestly, I expected yet another bag, similar to all those I acquired while playing Airsoft and on my day-to-day life. Not only was I surprised with the excellent build quality, but was also impressed with the bag design and internal and external solutions.

The MOLLE system integration allows it to have even more utility, all we need to do is add more pouches. Even a pistol holster can be inserted inside or outside, fulfilling its role as a support bag.

I didn't find any meaningful faults or defects. All I need in a small transportation bag, both to play Airsoft or in my daily life is here and it works. Room, sturdyness, easy customization, functional and durable design. Airsoft Portugal recomends the Wombat Shoulder Bag to all of you interested in quality inside and outside the battlefield.

Esthetism rating: 5/10
Performance rating: 5/10
Precision rating: 5/10
Accessories rating: 5/10
Quality rating: 5/10
Overall rating:

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