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Some time ago, we reviewed the CZ 75 from Action Sport Games. It was our first experience with gas powered replicas (or GBBs) from the brand, and we can say that we were quite pleased. Today Airsoft Portugal, once again with the support of ASG, brings the review of the younger and more modern sister of the CZ75, the CZ P-09. A replica with a much more current look and a performance that, once more, didn't let us down. Follow us into this review and get to know one of the newest additions to the brand's range of GBBs.


What a GBB...! It's what I have to say! All the flaws that we mentioned in our previous review of the CZ75 were completely corrected. If there's a negative aspect to the P-09 is the fact that is uses such specific magazines, otherwise, I cannot point out anything else.

I loved the the rugged areas on the grip and body of the replica. The trademarks are no longer just painted, they are part of the body, that way we can be sure that they will never disappear. The transport case is a real positive point, we can carry the replica with safely, avoiding having it in our transport bags or simply in the holster or vest.
When it comes to performance I have nothing to point out as well, the FPS didn't go beyond the 275 - 280 FPS mark, and we can count on a effective range of 25m, which is pretty good for a sidearm.

And on this note we finish yet another review, the CZ P-09 receives an approved stamp and I must congratulate ASG in the work they did with this replica.

Esthetism rating: 5/10
Performance rating: 5/10
Precision rating: 5/10
Accessories rating: 5/10
Quality rating: 5/10
Overall rating:

maksimus pefect gun.i use it for 2 years ;it's my favorite

3 years ago

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