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Model PX4
Brand Tokyo Marui
Propulsion Gas
Shoot modes Semi-auto
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Creation date July 17, 2011
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Tokyo Marui PX4
Length: 193mm / 7.6 inches
Weight: 834g / 1lb 13.4oz
Magazine Capacity: 25rds
FPS (0.20g): 295(Green), 225 (134a)

The latest offering from Tokyo Marui, the PX4 offers some new features to their GBB line. Built on a compact frame, it is a welcome addition to players familiar with gun types such as the M9, SIG 226, Hi-Capa 4.3, and USP Compact.

The PX4 is an excellent gun consistent of Marui standards.

Immediately, you will see that it comes with 2 extra back plates for the lower frame to fit almost any shooter’s hand for a better shooting position and comfort. To change out the back plates, the player would depress a button near the bottom of the magazine well, then, pulls the back plate away from the rear of the gun. The player may now attach a different back to suit their needs.

Velocity is on par for a compact type pistol from TM.
Testing was conducted with King Arms Green Gas and Excel .20g BB’s.
A Radar type chronograph was used to measure shots in an air conditioned space.
Measurements as follows:
Shot 1: 302fps
Shot 2: 300
Shot 3: 292
Shot 4: 298
Shot 5: 293
Shot 6: 285
Shot 7: 282
Shot 8: 281
Shot 9: 278
Shot10: 279

Subsequent shots hovered within the 278-285 range with Green Gas.
On 134A gas velocity ranged from 240 on the first shot to 220 with the magazine starting to cool noticeably.

Recoil is snappy and short, comparable to the Cappa4.3 and SIG226, but not as strong as the Desert Eagle and Five7 series guns from Marui.

Accuracy is TM consistent, the target was with the gun straight out of the box. Shooting was with .20g Excel, with King Arms Green Gas. Targets were 8m away. Shooting was from a standing position with 2 hand support. (not scientific, but a more practical answer).

The PX4, being a compact design tends to shoot “flat” during snap-shooting and fast-draw situations. Balance is comparable to the USP Compact Pistol.
The safety also incorporates a de-cocking feature if the hammer is back in a ready position. Upon engaging the safety, it automatically releases the hammer to battery, this can be done with the magazine in and fully gassed.

The hop up is of a new design.
Removing the slide to access the hop system is no longer needed.
Access to the hop unit can be done with the slide locked in the back position. It is a dial type but fixed to the left side of the barrel and running parallel to the housing. It is colored a lighter grey for easier identification. Players with larger fingers or gloves may find this arrangement a little difficult to adjust the hop setting. Removing the slide to access the Hop is also a possibility.
Tokyo Marui Hop-up is the best in the industry and gives the PX4 farther range than many stronger pistols from different brands (KWA M9, WE Capa, Western Arms Infinity).

Field striping the PX4 is the same as a Glock type pistol.
There are two release tabs on the frame above the trigger guard, pull downwards, and push slide to separate from the frame.

Reliability is top notch as with all Marui guns, the gun was released in December (it's July as I post this) and none of the PX4's we sold have come back for repairs. Not even a broken slide yet.

For all the realism enthusiasts there are pretty nice insignias all over the gun, but nothing that says Beretta. The rotating breach does work much like the real one. This does nothing for performance but looks pretty cool.


In conclusion, the PX4 seems to go along with the same lines as other compact pistols. Great as a sidearm, and offering some new features not found on many of Tokyo Marui’s other pistols, it would be a worthy addition to a player’s load-out.
While the lack of aftermarket parts may hinder it immediately, if it is like the rest of TM’s line, players will not have to wait long to start customizing to their hearts content.

- Reliable
- Accurate
- Good range
- Comfortable
- Easy to use
- Not as many aftermarket parts as other TM models
Esthetism rating: 10/10
Performance rating: 10/10
Precision rating: 10/10
Accessories rating: 4/10
Quality rating: 10/10
Overall rating:

Anonymous Cons --> marui , because in this they give some shit for a big cost ! I had many problem in those last time with marui , broken five seven , broken glock (of a friend) , and its not the fault of the use , we are always cleaning our GBB ^^

7 years ago

Anonymous But i agree , he look good and it's not curently to see it in teams or associations

7 years ago

Anonymous I have a 5-7 too, using about 1 year and all parts stands like new.. How can you broke it or which part of it has broken dude?

7 years ago

Anonymous because i shoot around 300bb's per game ^^ im a big user of handgun you know , parts brokes: nozzle , automlatic shoot xD (i dont found the problem) , triger not rearmed all time (i think i found the problem) ... by the way today i receive my mk23 nbb marui and its awesome :p Marui comeback into my heart , last week i baught a gspec to for a full laylax / pdi upgrade ... Awesome to ;)

7 years ago

Anonymous sry my english isnt so good :D

7 years ago

Anonymous I can undestand don't worry :) I'm not using pistol mostly. According to our rules, pistols are needed only for cqc. Below 10 meters use. I'm going on cqc but not using pistol. More silent, is my opinion :) But i wanted to know which parts broken and i got my answer, thanks mate ;)

7 years ago

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