JG AUG A3 Super Spectacular Review Extravaganza 9000!

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Category Replicas
Subcategory Machine guns
Model AUG A3
Brand JG
Propulsion Electric
Shoot modes Semi-auto Auto
Cost 220 USD
Range 170 feet (51.82 meters)
Fire rate 720 rounds/min
Magazine cap 330
Weight 10.1 lbs (4,581.28 grams)
General Informations
Creation date July 19, 2011
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Comments 15
Likes 7
Language English
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This is a review for the version of the JG AUG A3 which I own, which is the 2010 model. I don't believe it has been upgraded too heavily from then to the newer model, but if it has been, well, you are shit out of luck. Understand? Fantastic, let's begin.

Just a side note before I begin. I do not try and waste your time with fancy and shiny things that have nothing to do with the gun. I tell it like it is. This will be consistent throughout my future reviews aswell. So if you want to know that a gun contains a steel part which was made in some special forge in the bowels of Mount Doom, or if you want pictures of every tiny part which looks strikingly similar to the same exact part on many other Airsoft replicas or has no significance to the big picture, then please move along. I'm not keen on wasting anybody's time (including my own.) Now, before we continue, take a moment to soak in the irony of this notice. I have just wasted your time alerting you that I will not waste your time. Did that anger you? Me too. That's exactly what I promise that I won't do in my reviews.

Impressive for a JG

This gun, simply put, did not disappoint me when I received it. It shot straight enough for a JG, had an impressive stock ROF and FPS, and looked damn sexy, but that's just my opinion (and yours too.) The ABS body is sturdy, has not had any failures as of yet, and I have brought it through Hell and back, but it is nonetheless, ABS, which will never deliver the glorious realism that just feels so right. The one thing that impressed me greatly with this gun was the built in MOSFET chip which came installed in the gun. It really does add value to the gun and separates it from many other Chinese brand rifles. After test firing, I decided immediately that this was the gun for me. It is heavy, but the weight is distributed very nicely due to the bullpup design. I did not hesitate to begin purchasing aftermarket upgrades (which are abundant) and I installed an upgraded hop up system, tightbore, outer barrel, LiPo, piston, piston head, and cylinder. I also added a folding grip which helped immensely, and a mock silencer to replace the less-than-beautiful stock orange tip that this gun comes with. BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE! Another great feature of this gun is the fire selector. You simply pull the trigger to a first interval for semi, and pull it all the way for full, it's pretty neat.

Now the bad:
Very limited battery space
Cheap feeling body


Want a good project gun? Buy it
Want a good starter gun? Buy it
Want a good mid level gun? Buy it
Want a good high end gun? Buy it and upgrade it
Don't like how I review things? Deal with it.

- upgrade availability
- I have it, so if you buy it you will be super cool just like me!
- battery space
- cheap feel
Esthetism rating: 9/10
Performance rating: 8/10
Precision rating: 8/10
Accessories rating: 9/10
Quality rating: 8/10
Overall rating:

Anonymous very good review.most of people like you! www.rctopshop.com/art-tech-rc-helicopters

5 years ago

panzerflank looks great !! Iam working on my aug3 got a good paint job just need a few things to make it better , i did take all the rail off its too much in my book unless your a m4 user that is lol. i,ll post it up when done .

6 years ago

airsoftguy13 i bought this gun and i must say that i absolutely love it! the only problem is, it has stopped firing :( i thought it was the battery, so i tried multiple batteries, but still nothing, it is like there is no battery in there at all. i think it might be a loose wire either connecting the battery or trigger? any ideas? i would love to keep using this gun

6 years ago

Deletor Hey! Thanks for this Review. I like your style.
There is a Thing, i Need to know.
Im From Germany. In Germany you cant Play legally with a AEG witch has the Option to Fire FULL Auto, we only May Play semi-Auto.
My Friends and me goin to play in Austria, wheel FULL-Auto is allowed.
Is there any Kind of Selector Plate for THIS JG AUG A3?! I searched the Web - found nothing. Thanks for any Kind of help and excuse my bad English. Greetings from Germany.

6 years ago

Matt Thanks for the comment! This gun is fairly unique in that it doesn't have a selector for semi to full auto. If you pull the trigger halfway it will shoot semi-auto, and if you pull it all the way it will shoot full auto. There is a noticeable resistance at the point where you shoot semi auto, making it near impossible to accidentally shoot full auto, but there is no actual fire selector.

6 years ago

Anonymous Very good review! Even if I had your wit, I couldn't have done it better myself.
I too was surprised at seeing a 'fet inside the gun, and with similar upgrades it's one of the best rifles I've used! Ever!

7 years ago

ver3fanatic I would get a good mosfet, jg ones are trash.

7 years ago

isurreal We need more people like you. Great review!

7 years ago

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