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Category Replicas
Subcategory Pistols
Model USP Compact
Brand KWA
Propulsion Gas
Shoot modes Semi-auto
Cost 130 EUR
Range 25 meters (82.02 feet)
Magazine cap 20
Weight 700 grams (1.54 lbs)
Size 10.8 centimeters
General Informations
Creation date July 23, 2011
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Language English
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Keywords: KWA, USP, Compact, Pistol, Green, Gas

KWA's USP Compact.
Gas Efficent and Deadly.
One of, if not, the best USP Compacts available today.

Performance and Impression.

This pistol comes with a metal slide and plastic body.
Even with the metal slide the gas efficency is quite good with 2 mags per fill with slide lock back afterwords.
This is due to KWA redesigned gas system (NS2/System 7)
The ABS body is solid with no creaks and very little movement.
Trades on this gun are non existing as its an ASG rebrand. However the pistol itself is very pleasing to hold and fire with an easy to use ambidextrious mag release.
The slide motions smoothly and the recoil is fair but not overly strong.
The magazine is held securely and the postioning of the mag release prevents accidental mag release when holstered.
Accuracy is fair but nothing great, which is all that could be expected from a ~7cm barrel. The hop up unit is average, it does the job but needs a "key" to adjust it, however the slide doesn't need to be removed to adjust the hop up. If the hop up is over adjusted it will cause jams.
The safety on this pistol is located at the rear of the slide and is made of a weak plastic and doesn't work at all. When safety is engaged and he trigger is pulled the safety simply returns to fire. This is the only Problem with the pistol I have discovered.
Another minor irratation is the difficulty in cleaning and lubing the slide.
Takedown on this pistol is easy and can be done is seconds.


Great little pistol for the price if you're on the fence as to weather to buy it or not, buy it, its one of the best USP Compacts available.

- Metal Side
- Efficent on Gas
- Easy Takedown
- Available Ridgid Holsters
- Ambi Mag Release
- Non-Functional Safety
- Average Hop Up and Accuracy
Esthetism rating: 8/10
Performance rating: 9/10
Precision rating: 6/10
Accessories rating: 8/10
Quality rating: 9/10
Overall rating:

SamFoxDie86 I was on the fence about buying one recently, as I have the KWA KP8c as well, but based on this review I think I'll definitely be investing in one soon. Thanks for the heads up!

7 years ago

Anonymous Non Functional Safety :S wow that's not realy good , GBB is for have an good realistic replica soo :s RIP KWA ! ahahahah. nice rewiew dude ^^

7 years ago

Anonymous I have a KWA KP8c NS2 and love it. There is, however, one thing you should know about airsoft USPs: They have a horribly weak trigger. Be very careful not to put too much pressure on it with the safety on OR off. This is the reason for the weak safety. They are near impossible to replace once they do break short of sending them straight to KWA and paying to have them work on it.

7 years ago

richieffff Thanks for the heads up on the trigger, its a shame that the safety is basically non-functioning

7 years ago
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