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Category Replicas
Subcategory Assault rifle
Model M4
Brand KJW/Tanio Koba
Propulsion Gas
Shoot modes Semi-auto Auto
Cost 400 USD
Magazine cap 30
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Creation date July 25, 2011
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Keywords: KJW, M4, Tanio, Koba, TK, GBBR

The TK M4 is KJW's first foray into the world of Gas Blow Back Rifles (GBBR). It is a design by Mr. Tanio Koba that has implemented some very interesting elements.
The KJW M4 is criticized by some for lacking realism in the bolt carrier group. However, after stress testing it has been found that the KJW M4 is more reliable then a WE or WA GBBR. This has made newcomers to GBBRs flock to it for reliability as very little needs to be modified on the gun to make it a solid field performer.


I purchased my KJW second hand from Airsoft Canada's classified section. The gun cost me $340 CAD and included the gun, magazine, loading tool, and wrench.

I was immediately impressed with the weight of the rifle upon picking it up, even though mine was a plastic lower receiver version, the gun is still hefty. Operating the charging handle feels slick and clean, unlike some WE's I've handled. The gun was a rock solid shooter stock, even is sub 0°C weather.

The KJW M4 uses a unique design for the bolt carrier, hop-up assembly, and buffer tube. These parts have proven to be quite strong however and show no signs of wearing down. The gun is also compatible with any Tokyo Marui front set, this opens up a world of possibilities in modifications. I have fit a G&P RIS, as well as a Madbull Daniel Defense RIS II on the gun with no problems. The gun is also compatible with AEG barrels, if a small notch is drilled into the lower part of the barrel to allow for the BB follower of the bolt.

I have installed the following accessories onto my gun:
Madbull Daniel Defense 10.3" Barrel
Madbull Daniel Defense 9.5" RISII
DBOYS QD Silencer
Bicycle Tubing
Magpul MBUS
Pro&T PEQ15

The bolt carrier of the KJW is unique in that it uses a rubber band to complete the cycle and load a BB into the chamber. This is also the main fail point of the gun as this band is prone to breaking and is quite expensive to replace with the factory replacement. I personally use rubber bands from bicycle inner tube which work perfectly fine, however, they wear out faster then the factory ones but are a fraction of the price.

The gun functions astonishingly well in cold weather. This is achieved by the unique 3-piece expansion chamber Tanio Koba utilized in the design. This allows to magazines to function in cold weather. The magazines do have a downfall though, and that is their steep price. As high as $75CAD each in Canada.


Overall this gun is the perfect gun for someone just getting into GBBRs or someone who wants a second one. The reliability of the KJW make it a solid performer on the field. I have been using mine as my primary weapon for 9 months now and have never had to leave a game due to a failure.

KJW has recently released a version 2 bolt assembly that does away with the rubber band. I will be updating once I have tried it out.

- Reliable
- Cheap
- AEG front set compatible
- Excellent Gas Consumption
- Expensive magazines
- Only Thermold magazines available
- Rubber band prone to breaking
- Loading tool
Esthetism rating: 7/10
Performance rating: 9/10
Precision rating: 7/10
Accessories rating: 10/10
Quality rating: 9/10
Overall rating:

whopperJR Are compatible the external barrel with WA-System barrels? Thanks!

6 years ago

Saberwing Not sure, I know they are compatible with AEG barrels when a small notch is drilled in the mounting area to allow for the bolt.

6 years ago

whopperJR Compatible with AEG barrel? Better!! Thanks!! No problem with drill xD

6 years ago

Saberwing Just compare the stock barrel with the new one and you will see the notch I am talking about.

6 years ago

marsniprr27 There are standard stang type mags in development by a3 rd party. I do not want to say who till they are completed as issues may arise

7 years ago

SOL!D Nice review ! Thx dude :)

7 years ago

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