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Model .25 Bio-Degradable
Brand Hailstorm Airsoft
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If there's any BB Company out there that knows what they're doing with BBs, and who has both the passion and understanding that it takes to make some of the best BBs around, it's Hailstorm Airsoft. Engineered and owned by players, I am proud to have been able to test these .25 Bio-Degradable BBs. And let me tell you, they're beyond impressive.

Testing the Ammo

First things first, I was impressed with the packaging of the bag of ammo. Protected in a semi-hard reflective plastic, and each bag contains 5000 rounds. Already a step up from Javelin and other brands of similar quality. The cost is also cheaper.

Without doing anything with my gun, I fired off a few test shots using Mid-Cap mags in both my SCAR and upgraded JG M4. The day was pretty windy, and I was firing off rounds into the woods about 75-100 feet from my house. I picked a tree, and 10 out of 12 shots hit their mark. Tried the bag of javelins I had, 6 out of 12 shots hit. Already impressed. One thing I DID notice is that you need to adjust the hop up a little, as the rounds have been designed around the hop-up unit. Now that all my guns are adjusted for Hailstorm BBs, I'm all set, and I decided to head to my indoor airsoft complex for more accuracy tests.

Reaching the complex, I talked to the owner, and asked to do a stress test on the BBs. Taking some pliers, we crushed them, and the BB simply molded to the pliers. No shattering, no cracking. Also a very good sign.

One of my teammates and I decided to start taking pot shots from one end of the complex, to the next, to see if we can accurately hit specific objects, through windows, and small openings, etc.

I helped him adjust his Hop-Up to what the hailstorm BBs would need, and we started. 9/10 shots hit with my upgraded M4 and SCAR. My teammate's non-upgraded A&K Masada hit 8/10 shots. The complex owner was even impressed with the shots we were taking, using Javelins one again as a comparison (as that's what the store sells).


Overall, I have to say I am highly impressed, and I HIGHLY recommend Hailstorm Airsoft BBs for anyone who wants an "unfair advantage" on the field with Ammo.

These BBs have been used on helicopter runs in events, straffers, and other not-so-accurate situations, and they've still performed above and beyond what people have expected them to.

- Accurate
- Minor feeding issues in the heat
Esthetism rating: 5/10
Performance rating: 9/10
Precision rating: 9/10
Accessories rating: 5/10
Quality rating: 10/10
Overall rating:

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