ARES H&K G36 series (C & K) EBB

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Category Replicas
Subcategory Assault rifle
Model G36C & G36K
Brand ARES
Propulsion Electric
Shoot modes Semi-auto Auto
Cost 260 GBP
Range 50 meters (164.04 feet)
Magazine cap 180
Weight 2800 grams (6.17 lbs)
Size 87 centimeters
General Informations
Creation date August 05, 2011
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Ares released a new liscensed G36 series into the market. Not only do H&K liscense it but the gun runs on ARES's new recoil system. This system is comparable to the TM recoil system you will find in the TM M4 SOPMOD however it is around half the price! The H&K box is very professional (black with red lines and the H&K logo) when we opened it, we recieved a 180rd midcap, barrel cleaning rod and the gun with manual.

First impressions

The first thing I noticed was the realism. My housemate (who served in the german army) loved how accurately made it was. It is not a perfect replica however, it looks and feels the part! The thing I loved about this gun was the fact that you can completely disassemble it by removing 3 pins which otherwise keep the gun extremely solid.

My G36K is a Zero one mod. But my housemates G36C is a stock, out of the box original. Its solid, reliable and the recoil is noticable but not overpowering. The recoil makes the gun sound a little more intimidating than a TM G36 whilst still it up with TM style quality!

Out of the box the G36's do around 380-400 FPS however this can be changed in about 30 seconds by removed the rear pin and unscrewing the back of the gear box. ARES use a quick swap system. Not as quick as the Systema systems however it is very easy to change! For example, last time we attended F&O's "The Mall", the G36C was about 40FPS over the limit. We bought a 1J spring, swapped it in a minute and got back out to the chronograph! The hop on the G36's are a standard hop however the turnstyle is far more stiff to avoid losening the hop setting. The gear box is all metal and the recoil system can be disabled if you dont like it.

The accuracy of the guns does not vary. They both started as very accurate guns and can still take a precision barrel change to make them even more accurate. The G36C was zero'd in at 20 meters and was hitting a coke can at 20 meters 80% of the time. The modified G36K will not hit a coke can at 20m every time with only a inner barrel upgrade.

When compared to a standard TM G36C, the ARES G36's didnt seem to use any more power. This was suprising as I always thought the motor had to use more juice to power the extra resistance in the recoil. The range was about 40-50 meters outdoors which may not be a reliable measurement due to weather factors!

EDIT:: (31/08/2011):: I have had my FIRST problem with the G36K this weekend. I took it to the NAE (Ground zero weekender) and during an intense firefight (in which ALOT of ammo was expended) the loading nozzel spring sheered. It cost £2 to replace the part 20 minutes of my time because I was outside repairing it on a camping bench in the rain & wind!


Overall both me and my housemate feel that the H&K ARES G36 is a steal. Great value for money! The gun is definitely a solid build with very well manufactured metal & ABS parts. The fact that the gun is mainly ABS does not make the gun feel cheap or tacky - in fact the build quality does the complete opposite.

For those geardos out there, I suggest you stay with your M4's and TM brand as not many internal parts are compatible with the ARES series. However, the internal build quality is so high that a inner barrel change and a spring change is all that would be worth the money!

There are a large range of ARES accessories if you ware willing to source them from ARES directly or another Hong Kong retailer.

- Solid Build & great internals
- Easy Disassembly/ assembly
- Easy power change
- Great value recoil system
- Ready for use from the box
- Not much compatibility with other brands
- Not as large recoil as TM system
Esthetism rating: 10/10
Performance rating: 8/10
Precision rating: 8/10
Accessories rating: 7/10
Quality rating: 10/10
Overall rating:

YoLoL What are the physical dimensions for the battery pack?

6 years ago

DutchHeretic I've been meaning to get this one as my first gun, I've stuck to borrowing guns for skirms untill now. This one seemd a bit cheap for a good gun, and I had problems finding a good review for it. Thanks!

7 years ago

S3V3R You're welcome. Sadly my G36K is broken at the moment. A spring went to I decided to upgrade the internals... Didnt go as smoothly as I imagined.

7 years ago

Vorpalbunnie good review!

7 years ago

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