D-Force Airsoft Reviews UTG Model-4 Tactical

Review informations
Category Replicas
Subcategory Assault rifle
Model Model-4 Tactical
Brand UTG
Propulsion Electric
Shoot modes Semi-auto Auto
Cost 300 USD
Range 140 feet (42.67 meters)
Fire rate 882 rounds/min
Magazine cap 300
Battery life 3.5 hours
Weight 8 lbs (3,628.74 grams)
Size 34 inches (86.36 cms)
General Informations
Creation date August 11, 2011
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Language English
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This is our first review and we plan on making more. Sorry for the crappy video... We didn't have a teleprompter...

The UTG M-4 Tactical was a great rifle to have the pleasure to use. a really great carbine and is assembled in the USA! Check out the video to take a look!

Source Multiple

UTG Model 4-Tactical and Fire test.

Look at the Videos for the review and firing of the Model-4 Tactical.


Please leave comments on how we can improve! Thanks!

- Full Metal
- Unique Serial Number
- Great Performance
- Warranty
- US Based Support!
- Price
- No Real-Steel Trades
- Heavy
- No Mock Bolt
Esthetism rating: 8/10
Performance rating: 8/10
Precision rating: 8/10
Accessories rating: 9/10
Quality rating: 10/10
Overall rating:
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