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Category Replicas
Subcategory Pistols
Model M93R II (Full Metal Version)
Brand KSC
Propulsion Gas
Shoot modes Semi-auto Auto
Cost 260 GBP
Range 50 feet (15.24 meters)
Magazine cap 49
Weight 1300 grams (2.87 lbs)
Size 24 centimeters
General Informations
Creation date August 17, 2011
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This is the fully liscensed italian police version. Comes in a matt black with a slightly glossy slide. This is the same pistol that the Italian counter terror squad use. From what I was told when buying it, this was Berettas solution for a team that needed a small, high ROF weapon. Instead of going with the Germans (H&K) they went national. I haven't read this anywhere but I thought it was an interesting story to open with!

The pistol comes in a standard cardboard box (as 99% of the market does). Inside is a foam cut out with the pistol, magazine, magazine feeder, un-jamming rod, hex key & hop adjustment tool. The pistol has " POLIZIA di STATO nudeo Operativo Centrale di Sicurezza" and a serial number on the left hand side with "P,P MOD .95 RAFFICA cal.9mm parabellum" which is a nice feature in my opinion!

Features and Performance

Firstly, This pistol is mainly metal. The pistol grip, fire selector, hammer, mag release and top slide is metal. the only thing I could find which was obviously ABS was the outter barrel & hop unit. This is compatable with most M9 barrels so you could replace it with metal if you were that fussed.

The gun came with a 49round extended mag which requires a spacer to stop it extruding into the firing mechanism (this is VERY important as you can ruin the nozzle and the mag if it extrudes to far up). The pistol has Semi auto (fire selector down), 3 round burst (selector up) and full auto (selector in the middle) with a safely that can only be engaged when the hammer is cocked. The safety can be switched off with a small movement by your thumb however engaging it requires you to move your hand more!

This gun uses KSC's new System 7 (NS2) delivery method. Which is apprently more consisent and powerful compared to other leading brands. I have had this pistol chronos in varying temperatures from freezing to 30 celcius. When freezing, you need to greese the gun well, silicone oil wont work at these temperatures as it gets too thick and jams the gun (I have been using ICS Silcone oil and bearing greese from the local bike shop). On green gas the FPS ranges from 300 (on a full mag) to 400 (after being sat in my pocket in the sun for an hour at 30 celcius). However in cold weather this gun doesnt do well as the mags get so cold they don't always discharge the last round. This is in inherent problem with gas weapons... I was incredibly impressed with the recoil of this thing. Even on a coil day, the recoil is the same as my friends WE MEU. The mags are designed to take green gas however, the instruction manual specified that anything stronger than green gas (winter gas) voided the warranty which makes me think its not designed for anything stronger.

In the field this pistol is fantastic! You can buy a stock and have it as an SMG or use as a side arm. The hop is internal and requires a special key to adjust. Once adjusted though, this pistol can put down phenominal range. We are talking about a 5cm spread at 15m or a maximum range of 45-50 meters. If this doesnt impress you then my applogies. However I have never expected a pistol to be ranging in at 45 meters! The 3 round burst grouping is tighter than a quick succession on semi auto. I have has 10-12cm spreads at 15m. On full auto, accuracy goes to pot as you would expect. But the noise combined with the ROF does keep peoples heads down! Unfortunately due to the ROF, a 49 round mag wont last long but on semi you can definately last a long time without reloading.

Unfortunately, Mags are expensive and I have found no rail mounts or attachement systems for this pistol. This pistol also requires you to clean it frequently and to lubricate more frequently to avoid jams and seizes. You can buy a stock for the pistol to make it a true Machine Pistol however it comes at quite a price (£60).


Overall the pistol is very good. The expected short comings of the full auto are the only accuracy downfall of this gun. The range is impressive and improvable with hop adjustments. The extended magazine allows for an upper hand in CQB firefights and balances the playing field agains AEG's.

The full metal design, coupled with the impressive recoil make this a sidearm I'd be happy to recommend! The power is in the right band for a pistol and

Sadly this pistol loses points for 2 reasons. The maintance issue when cold (i.e. the siezing) and the lack of rail accessories that we have come to expect for all pistols! The internals are upgradable just like the mainstream beretta but with a more individual look.

- Heavy Weight
- Powerful Recoil
- Accurate (excluding full-auto)
- Large Magazine
- Secure Hop System
- Expensive pistol & magazines
- Expensive Accessories
- Seizes up in Cold Weather
- Limited/ No Rail Accessories
Esthetism rating: 10/10
Performance rating: 9/10
Precision rating: 7/10
Accessories rating: 5/10
Quality rating: 10/10
Overall rating:

rickli1 So, this one or the KWA one?

5 years ago

S3V3R In my opinion, this one is the better of the two. I havent owned a KWA one but I have compared them in a game.

5 years ago

jamoy1993 nice review, unfortunately im not an M9 guy, and thats pretty expensive for just being an handgun!

6 years ago

S3V3R yeah, it is a bit pricy sadly this is because of the liscensing. The KWA version is much cheaper (however I havent handled it)

6 years ago

Anonymous Very good review. Well done. Makes me want one !

7 years ago

S3V3R I'm glad you like it! Get one ;)

7 years ago

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