Ballistic Tsunami's Tokyo Marui FN FiveseveN HD Video Review

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Category Replicas
Subcategory Pistols
Model FN FIveseveN 5-7 57
Brand Tokyo Marui
Propulsion Gas
Shoot modes Semi-auto
Cost 215 USD
Magazine cap 26
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Creation date August 21, 2011
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Part 1/2:
Part 2/2:

Team Ballistic Tsunami's HD Video Review Tokyo Marui FN FiveseveN Long Term Review. We look at the Dark Earth edition of this fine FN FiveseveN replica. Links at the bottom.

Ballistic Tsunami's HD Video Review Tokyo Marui FN FiveseveN

Part 1/2:
Part 2/2:

Note: Viewers of my review have noted that use of green gas will cause the outer barrel to wear down where it contacts the hop-up unit due to recoil. Simple solutions are taping the outer barrel or using silicon sealant to fill in any space between the outer barrel and hop-up assembly.

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Quick run down
- Tokyo Marui reliability, quality, and ridiculous reliability
- Best recoil I've ever experience in a GBB pistol, I've owned four total
- great look and feel (my opinion)
- robust mags, they can take a beating and have
- slide has metal inner frame, slide notch won't wear out as quickly as hi-capas on green gas do

- Extended use of green gas can cause shredding of the outer barrel where it meets the hop-up unit. Over time this gap in the hop-up / outer barrel will cause vibrations and eventually shake the hop-up unit to pieces. Duster gas is an option as well as the two solutions above in the "Note" section
- price! 210USD at my local retailer Airsoft Extreme.
- not made for small hands due to large magazines
- accessories: as with real steel not that many, don't expect carbine kits and other such kits to pop up
- my friends are in agreement that it feels toyish, then again so does the real steel version

Final long term thoughts

1st type of cool: [Technical data] Technically speaking this is a marvelous GBB pistol. The combination of TM quality, reliability, and ridiculous accuracy make this a fine secondary weapon for any airsofter. In the video you can clearly see me lighting up opponents at 100ft+. multiple times. And these were all iron sight aimed shots and I have not had to adjust the hop-up at all in my 10 months of using this fine GBB. None of that looking down the side of barrel stuff. Firepower is great at 26+1 rounds. Only my TM Hi-Capa and Glock 18c extended offer more at 31 and 50 rounds respectively. The mags are also very robust as my have taken a beating and still keep on ticking. With green at 70F / 21C, I was getting a respectable 330-340 FPS. Very deadly in CQB when combined with your standard TM accuracy.

Accessories and long term reliability are where this pistol fails. As with the real steel, the accessories are on the slim side. You can get your dedicated holsters though like serpas and safarilands, phew! But internally you're limited to basic upgrade parts and externally, just different colored body kits. Don't expect carbine kits and other such kits. Its not a popular real steel gun so the accessories market follows likewise.

2nd type of cool: [Personal opinions] I personally am enamored by the TM Fiveseven. After feeling a real steel FiveseveN, I can say TM did an amazing job with this GBB. The weight, look, and feel are beyond my expectations. Usually you have to get a full body kit for a TM to get that quality feel, you real steel feel to match up with the internal quality. With this GBB, its a near perfect replica out the box. Few TM GBBs can claim that as of this review. Anyone that has fired this GBB can testify of its amazing kick with green. Once I get a decent Safariland with light holster, this will definitely become my main secondary weapon. This is without a doubt the most fun and deadly GBB pistol I have yet used and owned and I've owned four total (TM 1911A1, TM Hi-Capa 4.3, KWA Glock 18c).

I originally saw this pistol online while my Dad was working in Japan and he got it for me as a gift. It was the last one at the local hobby store. The tactical light on it is just a toy, I don't even skirmish with it. I recommend this pistol to anyone who has the money as this is not a cheap pistol. IMHO this thing is a bit over priced. 210USD for it at my local Airsoft Extreme!? Common TM... For that price you can get an AEG! Were it my own money I'm pretty sure I would rather buy another AEG. To end on a positive note, yes it costs an arm and a leg, but you get what you pay for. If you're into pistols and the sky's the limit for you, you cannot go wrong with this fine offering from Tokyo Marui.

Esthetism rating: 9/10
Performance rating: 10/10
Precision rating: 10/10
Accessories rating: 5/10
Quality rating: 9/10
Overall rating:

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