Ballistic Tsunami HD Video DBoys KAC PDW Long term Review

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Category Replicas
Subcategory Assault rifle
Brand D-Boys
Propulsion Electric
Shoot modes Semi-auto Auto
Cost 220 USD
Range 120 feet (36.58 meters)
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Creation date August 21, 2011
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HD Video link:

Team Ballistic Tsunami's HD Video DBoys KAC PDW Long term Review. Click on the above link for the video review. This video series detail's Ballistic Tsunami member, Flanker's DBoys KAC PDW system. Reviews of the AEG, internal mods, as well as it's many attachments are covered in this review.

Ballistic Tsunami HD Video DBoys KAC PDW Long term Review

HD Video links

Ballistic Tsunami's HD Video DBoys KAC PDW Long term Review

Ballistic Tsunami Airsoft Loadout Project Flanker's Dboys KAC PDW (Skip ahead to the one minute mark for the review link)

Note: If there is any attachment on this AEG (attachments seen on the video) that you want to see reviewed, please vote in the comments section of the above link and I will gladly review it in order of the vote tally.

Quick rundown
- Superb look and feel
- Cheap price! 140 - 160USD upon initial release
- lots of accessories: vertical grip, suppressor, short and long outer barrel, battery and charger, wow!
- a great scaled down M4 styled AEG, perfect for CQB and decent for outdoor as well
- folding stock is solid
- externally surpassed my expectations for a clone

- motor was a joke combined with 8.4v battery = worst rps / rpm I've ever experienced
- pistol grip too slick, stippling only in rear, dropped AEG because of this before
- QD sling points on side and "butt" of AEG were garbage, both nonfunctional now
- water + pot metal = rust from rain games
- same cheap quality internals you get for a clone
- I hate battery boxes, period
- proprietary mag mis-feeds!

1st type of cool: [Technical performance] Technically, this AEG was a poor performer out the box. Yea I was getting 390 FPS, which may've been from the previous owner's tinkering. As an airsofter with nearly a decade of experience with a variety of AEGs I did consider this AEG my primary until it was upgraded, heavily. I bought it used from an Airsoft Extreme technician. The RPM / RPS was just horrible. The motor was a joke so the seller also included a 10.8v battery w/ battery box. Accuracy was ok for a clone. Also the pistol grip is way too slick. There's stippling only on the rear. It doesn't have the dimpled look of the KAC real steel grip either. Boo.

Quality internally was as you'd expect from a clone. I've stripped a piston, the trigger spring broke, and the wiring harness ripped at the contacts. Externally: I had to buff out some rust from a rain game, QD sling points on the side and "butt" of the AEG no longer work, and the bolt release pin fell out. To be fair I am pretty rough with my this AEG because its my favorite primary at the moment. All of the above things have been fixed minus the QD sling points, lame...

Upon getting this AEG, I quickly had it upgraded: swapped out the hop-up bucking and nub, installed a prometheus tight bore to fit the long outer barrel, and got a lipo to fit in the small battery box. So pre-upgrades, this would've been a good loner gun, because only a noob would think it was an ok peformer. After upgrades it became a killer AEG, my current primary. What can I say? You get what you pay for. At a conservative estimate, I think I've put 170USD into this AEG to get it up to spec.

2nd type of cool: [Personal preference] I ran TM P90TRs for better first half of my airsoft experience. And while that was fun, I finally gave in after watching the awesome weapon manipulation techniques found in the Magpul Dynamics Carbine training series of videos. Monolithic rails and CQB trim made the DBoys KAC PDW an optimal choice and at the low price of 120 - 140USD price + some extra accessories, I couldn't say no. The sleek lines and unique look definitely set it apart.

The things that bug me now after having owned it are the battery box and the folding stock. RA-Tech offers an internal lipo solution but its 80USD + shipping. With lipo tech getting better and better, I'll just wait for a smaller battery. The folding stock is sturdy and nice to look at but at this point I'd rather have a telescoping stock. I don't fold the stock in skirmishes so its a feature that's wasted on my play style and needs.

Final thoughts
Don't get me wrong on all the negativity. I am merely being giving my opinion on this AEG. Yes its got clone reliability and some external issues but I got what I paid for. By contrast my TM P90TRs were 265USD nearly 5-6 years ago. Expensive, yes. But I've never had any issues with them. The DBoys KAC PDW is a very unique AEG that needs TLC to get up to spec and that isn't cheap. Once there, it will serve as a fine skirmish weapon and or as a wall hanger.

Esthetism rating: 9/10
Performance rating: 6/10
Precision rating: 5/10
Accessories rating: 6/10
Quality rating: 7/10
Overall rating:

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