Ballistic Tsunami Guarder Aimpoint M2 HD Video Review

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HD Video link:

Ballistic Tsunami Guarder Aimpoint M2 HD Video Review

Review topics include: (Jump ahead in the video if you need to)
- Introduction
- Purpose of use
- Tips
- Accessories
- Qualities and Features
- Ergonomics
- Performance and Reliability
- Pros and cons
- Final Thoughts

Ballistic Tsunami Guarder Aimpoint M2 HD Video Review

HD video link:

I bought traded a G&P Eotech 551 replica for this sight due to the 551's dark tint and the lack of tint on the Guarder Aimpoint M2. This is due to the fact that I primarily skirmish in indoor CQB conditions.

Purpose of use
A alternative to iron sights. With practice, can give user faster reaction times over iron sights.

- Practice, practice, practice. It's still a tool.
- Don't get tunnel vision by staring down the optic, remember to look over the optic and to raise your optic to acquire targets.
- Carry spare batteries on your kit, gear. A dead optic is merely added weight

- came with
- cleaning cloth
- red dot
- lens protectors
- low mount
- batteries AG13 x 2 / LR44 x 2
- allen key for adjustments

- optional
- different height mounts
- lens protectors
- wind-age, elevation, battery cap compartment lanyard
- rubber armor

Quality and Features
- Great quality optic
- 5 brightness settings
- front lens protector also has clear inner lens protector
- tactile activation switch

Performance and Reliability
- Zeros and holds zero superbly
- great optical clarity both indoor and outdoor (low light and bright light conditions)
- long battery life (It was on two nights in a row and still function for a day skirmish on max setting)
- no issues so far though I've only had it for a 4 months as of the writing

- best sight I've used so far
- zeros and holds zero with no issue
- great optical clarity, no warping, great for indoors and outdoor
- long lasting battery life
- front lens protector has inner clear lens protector which can take at least one solid hit
- great eye relief

- Not cheap, 50USD plus you may need to buy an additional mount as the included mount is very low
- optional mounts can cost as low as 10USD to the sky's the limit
- optional mount needed if you want to co-witness with iron sights and or magnifiers
- lens protectors near impossible to remove
- sight is pretty beefy in size, will take up a lot of space on PDW type weapons

Final thoughts
It's bigger and uglier than my Eotech 551 replica sight. That being said, it currently is my favorite optic and I've been Airsofting for nearly a decade. This zeros and holds zero without a problem. It also boasts superior battery life compared to my EBairsoft Eotech 551 replica and less tint for maximum clarity in lower lit conditions of indoor CQB. It also is bright enough for extreme sunny days. I wish I'd bought this before investing into so many Eotech replicas. Oh well live and learn.

Esthetism rating: 8/10
Performance rating: 10/10
Precision rating: 9/10
Accessories rating: 7/10
Quality rating: 9/10
Overall rating:

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