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Category Replicas
Subcategory Assault rifle
Model MK14 Mod.0
Brand WE-Tech
Propulsion Gas
Shoot modes Semi-auto Auto
Cost 750 USD
Range 50 meters (164.04 feet)
Magazine cap 30
Weight 5000 grams (11.02 lbs)
Size 103 centimeters
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Creation date September 07, 2011
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The M14 EBR is a modern take on the older M14. Commonly known as an EBR (Enhanced Battle Rifle), it also coveres a couple modification types. The MK14 Mod.0 is the EBR which has the 6 point skeleton stock and an adjustable cheek rest. This is the style in which WE have produced their EBR. The M14 series was based pn the .308 battle rifle currently used by the US army. The M14 EBR (Enhanced Battle Rifle) was a resigned of the original M14 as commissioned by the US Navy Seals. The rifle was first brought into service in 2004 however the exposure given by the Call of Duty series lead to a increased demand for the M14 MOD.0 & MOD.1.

The WE M14 EBR is a standard WE M14 dropped into an EBR CNC aluminium body kit. Internally they are identical. The EBR body comes in two colours from WE. It comes in Silver and Black or if you buy from RA-Tech you can get a "titanium" colour which is a nice looking dark grey. A 2 slot read rail is attached to the dovetail joint overlooking the breach. This allows for a sight to be mounted over the breach which is useful for marksmen.

Due to a miss understanding with Redwolf, I have ended up purchasing a WE M14 EBR. I was intending to buy a conversion kit and convert the Level 2 RA-Tech M14 I have into a level 2 EBR. I was offered a good compromise by them and so I now have both.

First Impressions

This rifle arrived in an unmarked standard cardbox which is like the standard WE M14 which has WE and M14 stickers on the front and sides. Inside the box, the gun was held in place with cardboard cut outs. For such an expensive gun this was a little disapointing. The quality is equal to (or possibly greater than) the G&P EBR kit which is a very high standard to meet!

Out of the box the gun is fairly heavy, weighing in at around 5kg. Once I had put a bi-pod, scope, foregrip & the magazine in, the EBR weighed in at 8kg! This is on the heavy side for an airsoft gun however it is a rewarding weight. The gun is extremely sturdy as the EBR kit bolts on around the barrel and locks in very tight. WE seem to also use a lot of locktite on their screw parts which is a great idea however its a nightmare if you wish to modify the gun or strip it down completely!

The external finish is very good, the moving parts come in a dark grey which suits the black body kit very well! The back of the gun has springfield markings with a unique serial number. This all adds to the asthetics but it would have been nice to include the "Mod.0" bolt cover seeing as it is a mod.0... My only complaint about the tappet plate, it looks very poorly made or they've used poor metal. I will definitely be changing this for a CNC steel version!

Out of the box it fires very well and fires at 380fps. On full auto the recoil is a little bit unmanagable however highly rewarding due to the noise and recoil! The magazine will empty all 30 rounds with about 30fps drop from the first round to the last round in close sucession. I would imagine this is weather & gas dependant though. The hop seems to work reasonably well which is contrary to me belief of WE hop systems. The hop could be better however it will do the job unless you want it as a sniper.

I havent measured the internal barrel diameter however the WE airsoft facebook page has stated it should be a 6.03mm tightbore. I personally think this is too good to be true and wont deny or admit it until I get a pair of digital calipers. I will update this review as and when I gain more experience with the gun. It is not fair for me to make any comments on reliability or performance without field testing it!

A quick test in the garden shows that at 30m the gun will hit our target (our house garden gnome >:D) 26/30 times on semi auto. On full auto it was hard to tell but we think that it had an accuracy of about 30% (10/30). The recoil combined with the spread of the bbs makes hiting small targets on full auto very difficult. The gun can empty a full magazine on full auto in about 5 seconds which for Abbey Ultra & a gas blowback isnt great but not bad either.

At the moment we think the range is about 50m. I have a 40m garden and the bb doesnt drop over than 40m. However this will change when the hop has been set better. At the moment the hop is set to default which is "not-quite-off".


My intial conclusion is that this gun is awesome! Well worth the money. The quality is similar to the G&G EBR kit. The gun is sturdy and heavy, probably not the heaviest out their but definitely a good weight. The weight has been distributed suprisingly well as it is not front heavy some M14 EBRs.

The quality of the materials is good but not great. Personally I would have been happy to pay $20-$50 more so that some of the parts were made of better metal! I would have also liked an engraved bolt cover but thats not so much quality as asthetics. The gun is about 90% metal with the only plastic parts being the pistol grip, hop components & the nozzle. All the iron sights, stock & cheek rest work perfectly however I would have liked a sturdier stock! The EBR has so many rails that I dont know what to do with all of them. I've managed to fill the bottom rail with a bipod & forefrip and 1/3 of the top rail with a large scope... but there is still about half the overall rail space left!

The gun fires well and prior to any modification it seem to fire and work without a problem. The gun is shipped "dry" sadly, so before any proper use I will need to lubricate it thoroughly! But it wil really be put to the test when I take it to F&O The Mall on the 8th of October. For this gun to be used on full auto in England it needs a NPAS valve to down tune the FPS to site legal limits.

Overall a good gun however I wouldnt suggest that GBB is at the state where a beginner could use it. There are a lot of parts and features about the GBBRs which dont make it friendly to people who are new to GBB or airsoft. One thing I should point out is the barrel is filthy when taken out the box. I spent half an hour with a cleaning rod getting the barrel spotless but the first dozen cleaning heads came out as black as the dark side of the moon! After greasing it with bearing grease the gun sounds better and has a higher ROF.

- Weight, Heavy but not too heavy
- Sturdy, Good looking design
- Great recoil
- Respectable ROF
- So many rails!
- Some parts are of poor quality metal
- Occasional poorly finished part
- Requires modification before use
- Required a thorough clean before use
Esthetism rating: 8/10
Performance rating: 7/10
Precision rating: 5/10
Accessories rating: 9/10
Quality rating: 8/10
Overall rating:

Socrates Nice review!
well im having some issues with mine. first was the tappet plate, snapped off 2 pieces, had to buy the ra tech one... next was the trigger assembly... with every trigger pull part 14 will start to come out an the gun will stop shooting... so i had also ordered the new trigger housing also from ra tech... overral a heavy gun as you say... got an Eagle sling for mine. Been thinking of putting an elcan specter on this beauty.

cheers my friend

7 years ago

S3V3R I have had similar problems. My tappet plate has only lasted because Im using abbey ultra. On propane the parts are already breaking!

7 years ago

S3V3R I have the intention of putting an elcan spectre on my EBR however i am struggling to find ones that do 1x and 4x

7 years ago

Socrates here in panama most of the year is hot, so that combined with the use of propane reduced the life span of that parts... well here is an ACM from ebairsoft, check it out www.ebairsoft.com/magnifier-scope-p-5055.html

7 years ago

Socrates also ive seen in stock on airsoftglobal, here you go

7 years ago

S3V3R Do you have a recommendation? I can afford either but I wont waste money on something expensive if it does the same as the cheaper one!

7 years ago

S3V3R In england, it gets f#cking cold in the winter. almost too cold to use propane. Im converting my SCAR-L to run on CO2 for winter

7 years ago

Socrates take a look at this review www.youtube.com/watch

7 years ago

Socrates well, i have mized thoughts about getting the 1x -4x or 4x fixed. any of those will do the trick, but iits more of a preference, also is the 4x fixed with an red dot sight on top. Here in panama gas weapons with the hot weather are shooting hot! my ebr is shooting 460 with .28 :d guess that is the reason for my despair with replacement parts hahaha

7 years ago

rudy Great great great content. You'll be happy to learn that we are working on a new version of the website :) Even cooler.

7 years ago

rudy I featured your 2 last reviews.

7 years ago

S3V3R Thanks a lot Rudy! Really appreciate it! Will keep an eye out for the new version =D

7 years ago

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