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Category Replicas
Subcategory Assault rifle
Model M14
Brand WE-Tech / RA-Tech
Propulsion Gas
Shoot modes Semi-auto Auto
Cost 565 USD
Range 75 meters (246.06 feet)
Fire rate 70 rounds/min
Magazine cap 30
Weight 5000 grams (11.02 lbs)
Size 130 centimeters
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Creation date September 07, 2011
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Due to a miss understanding with Redwolf, I have ended up purchasing a WE M14 EBR. I was intending to buy a conversion kit and convert the Level 2 RA-Tech M14 I have into a level 2 EBR. I was offered a good compromise by them and so I now have both.

The M14 is the selective fire automatic 7.62mm rifle for the US army. This rifle was brought into service in 1959 but was only in production until 1964. Technically speaking the M14 was only standard issue until 1970 However it still sees service today. The M14 fires a 7.72x51mm round which is akin to the .308 winchester round which is why on occasion it will be refered to as the .308 battle rifle. The M14 provides a basis for the M21 and M25 marksmans rifle as well as the M14 Mod.0. Which I have also written a review on.

The Ra-TECH level two arrived in the same cheap box as the M14 EBR. It is disapointing that such an expensive gun comes in such a cheap tacky box! The gun itself was amazing. Suffered none of the same flaws the EBR suffered. The RA-Tech M14 replaces a lot of the poor WE metal with CNC steel parts. They also replace some parts with "real steel" counter parts"

First Impressions

Upon taking the rifle out the box I admired the weight and quality of build. The rifle was a far better build than the standard WE M14. Certain parts had a better finish and fitted better. There was a real steel bolt catch which meant the bolt locked like the real thing. The parts seemed to move a lot easier which leads me to believe that either RA-Tech properly lubricate their products before shipment (unlike WE) or they tweak parts to fit better. The recoil seems the same as the WE counter part however the firing action seems a lot more efficient. The "clack" from the RA-Tech mod is a lot more consistent and louder than the WE version.

The RA-Tech hop seems to be a lot more sensitive than the WE version however the FPS difference between the two could be the reason. The WE M14 has an FPS range of 400 max where as the RA-Tech vesion is 550 max. The FPS can vary a lot dependant on the weather but this is inherant of any GBBR. The NPAS isnt very easy to adjust however it does the job. The rub O rings on the thread went on the first NPAS installed however I havent had that problem on the second NPAS provided.

The colour combination you will see in the photos is due to a 3rd party who sprayed the body. It will usually be mock wood however this one is sprayed desert tan.

I didnt get a RPS for the full auto however it can empty a mag on full auto in around 5 seconds. The groupings were very tight, around 5cm groupings with 100% accuracy using .25g @ 30m. On full auto the groupings were 15cm apart and were hitting the target about 60% of the time from standing. The effective range of this rifle was tested at the GZ weekender and exceed the 60m dead straight! I reckon a good hop adjustment would exceed 70m straight.


I feel that this rifle is a very well build and a far higher quality than the normal WE version. Well worth the money. I would strongly suggest you buy the ready built version from RA-Tech as they hand assemble it with engineers who are far more experienced and better at this than anyone I know!

The gun works well out of the box and is still open to some more modifications. The hop is a vast improvement on the poor WE hops however all that is being replaced is the Hop rubber and nub. Some of the RA-Tech parts may seem unnecessary however, they all up to a fantastic looking and working rifle.

Ultimately the only problem I had with is was I hadnt bought the intigrated trigger mech which has a lighter trigger pull than the WE/RA-tech combined trigger mech.

- Adjustable FPS
- Asthetically pleasing
- Fanstasticly loud
- Good Weight
- Accurate
- More expensive
- Tough trigger pull
- Not many rails on normal M14
Esthetism rating: 10/10
Performance rating: 9/10
Precision rating: 8/10
Accessories rating: 6/10
Quality rating: 9/10
Overall rating:

rbov I was just wondering how you are getting on with the Ra-tech modded M14 lv2? is it proving reliable? Are you able to use it with gas mags in our very cold country at the moment (1st Feb 12)? Im seriously tempted by the Ra-Tech EBR level 2 and it'd be great to hear any advice from another UK resident on the M14 level2. Great looking gun by the way! Thanks

6 years ago

S3V3R Hey dude, this has now been sold to a new owner. I have a full ratech EBR which works beautifully in winter as long as you use the right gas.

6 years ago

rbov Thanks for the reply, may I ask which version you have bought, the level 1 or 2? How is the EBR performing, very well I hope? What range are you getting from it and what type of propellant are you using in the winter? Thanks

6 years ago

S3V3R I started with a standard WE EBR... It now nearly has every upgrade available. I run propane all year around. Considering using CO2.

6 years ago

S3V3R In short. It is essentially a level 2 plus some more.

6 years ago

rbov Thanks, one other question please, can the hop be accessed for adjustments without removing from the stock on the EBR?

6 years ago

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