OE TECH MOLLE Deployment Bag by Condor

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More of a "carry on bag" for your MOLLE gear then an actual Deployment Bag, OE TECH's MOLLE Deployment Bag is either an over sized pouch or a very small bag.


6" H x 12" W x 5.5" D
1 Main Compartment
1 Rear Compartment
2 small side compartments
MOLLE Located on sides and back
5-6 MOLLE Straps to allow for clipping to MOLLE or tactical belts
600 Denier Nylon Fiber
Carry Strap included


I purchased this product when it was called a Butt Pack on AirsoftGI's website. It is now referred to as a Deployment "Bag" which opens up to some interpretation. If you are lead to believe that this is a "pouch" to be attached to MOLLE or your tactical belt, then you will be pleased with the relatively large compartments and multiple attachment points. While not meant to be used as a quick access pouch, it is great for a utility pouch to carry things such as small tools, extra BBs, and small personal items (Cell phones, car keys, etc.)

If you are under the impression that you are getting a bag big enough to carry everything you will need on a deployment, you will be upset when this item is delivered. Each side compartment is large enough to carry a bottle of Anti-Fog spray, and the larger compartments will allow you to carry extras in the field, but not enough for the whole day.

This is a great utility pouch for all the reasons mentioned above, as long as you are completely aware of the size and purpose of this "bag". Many times I have been able to carry things that I do not want to be left at base camp, but do not want to get in my way in the field. For that reason, this pouch is included in every load-out of mine, and is so reasonably priced that I will be purchasing different colored pouches for my different load-outs.


- Good Quality
- Big
- LOTS of clips to secure to MOLLE
- Small
- More of a oversized POUCH then Bag
Esthetism rating: 7/10
Performance rating: 8/10
Precision rating: 8/10
Accessories rating: 8/10
Quality rating: 8/10
Overall rating:

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