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Category Replicas
Subcategory Assault rifle
Model Specter MWS
Brand ASG
Propulsion Electric
Shoot modes Single Semi-auto Auto
Cost 350 GBP
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Creation date September 19, 2011
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Keywords: ASG, Specter, Modular, Weapons, System, M4, CQB

ASG have been around the replica firearms business in Europe for some time now, involved in the manufacture and marketing of Airsoft, CO2, Paintball, and toy guns, plus more besides, so these guys should know what they're doing. And they've certainly shown their smarts on this new take on the M4/M16 style with the Yankee Hills Machine Corp Licence of the ‘Specter' MWS, Modular Weapons System.

checkout the full review:

Various Upper & Lower Receivers available

Each AEG section is available separately, in what is a change from the normal run of the mill packaging we’ve come to know and love from Airsoft manufacturers. Upper and Lower receivers each come in individual boxes (no polystyrene cuts outs etc) which are plastic wired into a plain ‘Black Box’ with low key pictures and a ticked description of the item contained in it, which I must say suits this adaptable, modular ethos. This low key approach saves on packaging and waste and is to be applauded by today’s eco-conscious consumers.

Now, if you’re expecting ‘everything in a box’ type situation – Don’t. You’ll of course need to purchase battery, magazines and chargers etc but being M4/M16 not exactly difficult and I’m sure some resellers can offer deals on ‘packages’ etc.

CQB Loud Upper

This Upper Receiver contains lots more features such as the full upper RIS (numbered rails on the receiver section only), flip up front and rear sights, rail covers on the side and lower rails and a Loud CQB style Flash Hider that acts as a sound amplifier, it looks uber cool as well. In usual fashion the cocking handle releases the ejection port so you can get to the hop adjustment wheel. Hop adjustment is stiff but you will need to check adjustment each time you change receivers due to some wandering on the hop. This set up means also that inner barrel and hop unit changing should be a complete breeze to perform on any of the Upper

check out the airsoft Bob video

This video shows off the aeg and stars our very own Airsoft Bob


If you search across the Interwebs for reviews of the ASG ‘Specter’ MWS you’ll find sparse information (well, apart from ALL the GREAT stuff on the Airsoft Odyssey BLOG that is), which on the whole is REALLY surprising for what has to be said is a great AEG. Maybe it’s missed out on the BIG Launch razzmatazz that some manufacturers give their product lines, which is a pity because so many airsofters would just LOVE this AEG if they knew of its existence! Quality is excellent and great to see a European manufacturer getting production to this standard although by outsourcing to VFC! Now I’ve never been a BIG fan of M4’s but if your going to own one of the greatest examples of a Modular Weapons platform well you can’t go far wrong by purchasing this model, its great in its price range and offers great flexibility for new comers and those not so new to airsoft.

I would rate this AEG as 8 stars out of 10 for price, quality and choice.

see the full review: airsoftodyssey.blogspot.com/2011/09/yhm-specter-mws-review.html

- Quality build & finish
- Versatile with good choice of 10 Upper Receivers & 2 Lower Receivers
- Real Steel Trade marks by YHM
- Lipo or NiMH type batteries
- Nice ‘extras’ on some Upper Receivers
- Propriety receivers required
- Beware FPS differences between barrel lengths
- Slight wobble on crane stock
- Trades may wear off
Esthetism rating: 8/10
Performance rating: 9/10
Precision rating: 8/10
Accessories rating: 10/10
Quality rating: 10/10
Overall rating:

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