Echo 1 M28 Sniper Rifle Review

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Category Replicas
Subcategory Snipers
Model M28
Brand Echo 1
Propulsion Spring
Shoot modes Single
Cost 180 USD
Range 200 feet (60.96 meters)
Magazine cap 15
Weight 8 lbs (3,628.74 grams)
Size 10.25 centimeters
General Informations
Creation date October 03, 2011
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Language English
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This is the long awaited Echo1 M28. The M28 is basically, a Remington M24.
The M28 is a bolt action sniper rifle. It has some of the best internals out of any spring sniper rifle. At just under 550 FPS, it has the highest FPS. Read on, and check out the video review for more detail!

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The m28 is by far the best spring m24 replica to date. It outclasses the very outdated Classic Army m24. Also, the Javelin m24 is just plain terrible. However, upon close inspection of the M28's internals and externals, you will be very impressed. Every internal component has been thought of by the manufacturers. The bolt assembly, hop up, and barrel are all made well. ( However, if you upgrade this gun, the barrel is always the first thing to go. ) Even the trigger box is fine stock, although there are a few reports of failed sears. Accuracy is high, and so is overall quality. Check out the video for a much more in-depth look!


A great sniper rifle for anyone. if you're looking for a great performing stock sniper rifle, or an upgrade platform, this is DEFINITELY worth looking into.

- High FPS
- High quality / craftsmanship
- Nice accesories
- Accurate
- Needs a scope
Esthetism rating: 10/10
Performance rating: 9/10
Precision rating: 8/10
Accessories rating: 10/10
Quality rating: 9/10
Overall rating:

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