The Classic Army M15A4 Tactical Carbine Sportline Value pack

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Category Replicas
Subcategory Assault rifle
Model M15A4 Tac. Carbine Sportline
Brand Classic Army
Propulsion Electric
Shoot modes Semi-auto Auto
Cost 160 USD
Range 30 meters (98.43 feet)
Fire rate 700 rounds/min
Magazine cap 300
Battery life 2 hours
Weight 3000 grams (6.61 lbs)
Size 86 centimeters
General Informations
Creation date October 14, 2011
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Language English
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The Classic Army Sportline M15A4 Tactical Carbine Value Package(that's a looong name!) is the ideal weapon for any first-time airsofter. I features the internal quality of Classic Army, and with the plastic body it keeps the weight down. Because it is a value pack you also get everything you need to start playing.

The weapon itself - Externally

When you first take the CA Sportline M15A4 out of the box you can see the external quality on it. There are no marks in the plastic after the molding process, and the plastic on the upper and lower receiver looks almost like metal. Nothing creeks, and everything fits very nicely together.

The stock is made of a texturized ABS plastic that the handguard also is made of. On the butt of the stock you find some nice texture and the battery compartment that is able to store at least a large 9,6 battery. The pistol grip is a standard M4/SCAR type grip, and is made of a thick plastic with diamond texture on the sides.

There is a fake bolt catch and a fake forward assist on the weapon. The charging handle is functioning and pops open the dust cover when moved. From there you can adjust the hop-up. The hop-up unit is pretty nice, although the hop rubber isn't the best I've seen.

And for you trademark freaks out there, this weapon has full licensing from ArmaLite and features very nice trades, but not individual seral numbers like the previous versions did.

The carry handle is made of plastic, and when removed, you are granted a nice 21mm weaver rail.

Since it is a sportline version, mostly all externals are made of plastic, but still there are a lot of metal parts:
-The rear sight on the carry handle
-The one piece outer barrel
-The mags
-The D-ring
-The dust cover
-The front sight
-The front sling mount
-The charging handle
- The trigger, trigger guard and fake bolt catch
-The complete gearbox, except the bushings, piston, piston head, cylinder head, and spring guide.

The Weapon itself - Internally

This replica features a metal V2 gearbox with metal gears. You also find an M100 spring between the plastic spring guide and plastic piston, which has a ported plastic piston head. The cylinder is made out of aluminium and has one port. The cylinder head is a plastic one with a rubber buffer and a single O-ring. The nozzle is plastic and has no internal O-ring.

The compression is okay, but upgrading the nozzle to one with an internal O-ring would help a lot.

The wiring has nice thick isolation and the trigger switch works fine, although it most likely has to be changed out within the first year of using the weapon.

The shim job is nothing to get overexcited about as it's just one shim on each side of each gear, but it works. The bushings are of nylon and does the job well.

I'm not an expert on tappet plates, but I've never had any problems with the stock one, and the gun feeds flawlessly with any of the mags I've ever tried.

The trigger response is nice, and the safety is both mechanical and electronic, since the circuit is broken when you switch to "safe".

The fire selector is also very crisp, but it isn't to stiff either.

As standard, it features a 363mm 6,08 aluminium inner barrel which provides decent accuracy.

The accesories

As it is a value package, it comes with goggles, a sample pack of 500 0,2g BBs, a battery and a wall charger.

The goggles are nice, and you can actually use them, and the same is for the BBs.

The battery works, but the first thing you should do is to get a better battery and a better charger, as both are of low quality. On a full charge, you'll be able to fire up to 3 mags(900 rds), but not much more than that.


This is perfect for beginners, or for players that want a good platform to upgrade from.

A nice rifle that with some TLC can become a nice DMR.

- Relatively cheap
- Light weight
- You get everything you need
- Possible to attach optics ASAP
- It's an M4! What can't you do to it both externally and internally?
- Not the most accurate
- The accesories in the value pack is basically crap
Esthetism rating: 9/10
Performance rating: 7/10
Precision rating: 5/10
Accessories rating: 3/10
Quality rating: 8/10
Overall rating:

Anonymous Very precise, accurate review. I own this AEG and like you said, it has its advantages and disadvantages. For the money you pay, you get an excellent deal, and if you are careful with it as I have been with mine, it will serve you quite well as mine has. The two biggest concerns of mine have been accuracy, which I solved with a deepfire 6.04 mm barrel upgrade, and the cheap battery it comes with which can be also quickly remedied. Good job reviewing this product.

7 years ago

rudy Excellent review

7 years ago

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