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Category Replicas
Subcategory Assault rifle
Model G36K
Brand WE-Tech
Propulsion Gas
Shoot modes Semi-auto Auto
Cost 280 EUR
Range 150 feet (45.72 meters)
Fire rate 900 rounds/min
Magazine cap 30
Weight 2784 grams (6.14 lbs)
Size 87 centimeters
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Creation date October 30, 2011
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Since I always wanted a Gas Blowback Version of the german army G36K, this was my first chance to get it. Being not as expensive as VFC, WE is a good company for lower budget players who want to experience the feeling of a GBBR.
When the G39-Series was released, I immediately bought the K Version, which stands for "Kurz". It is shorter than the E model which makes it suitable for close, as well as long ranges.
The gun itself comes in a plain cardboard box which is typical for WE.

Build quality

Build quality:
Although the build quality of the WE G39K is not comparable to the VFC model, it is still very good for its price. There are barely any casting seams on the upper or lower receiver (The only ones I could find are located on the stock and handguard). You can fieldstrip the gun into its main components by removing 3 body pins. On the picture below you can see the G39K disassembled. Note, that the parts are almost identical to the real-steel counterpart. Since the real G36K is made of high-strength polymer, WE made a great job by immitating the feel of this material. The overall weight is a bit lighter than on the real G36 due to its steel internals. Nonetheless it feels very realistic with no cheap plastic like on some AEG G36 models. On the inside, the gun is made almost completely of metal to withstand the mechanical movement of the Blowback action. It features a tipical WE Triggerbox as seen on previous models such as the Scar or M4. The bolt is kept close to the real-steel in it's size and appereance. The only plastic part is the loding nozzle and Hop-Up adjustment dial which is located around the loding ramp. You can adjust it by simply turning the dial in either direction to increase or decrease the Hop-Up. The outer barrel is made of metal for more stability. It features a 14mm ccm thread which allows you to mount either a supressor or flashhider/compensator. The inner barrel is made of Aluminum and can be swapped out by Ra-Techs precision inner barrels made for the G39 series. The rear sight is adjustable for elevation and windage and has a flip-up feature which allows you to choose between a ghost ring or pistol sight. The front sight is the same as seen on G36C models. Moving on to the magazines: Although they are made of polymer, the gas chamber is located inside a metal casing. Overall, there are just a few negative aspects being the stiff bolt release lever and plastic loding nozzle which may or may not break over time (Spare parts are available).


Clocking in at about 370fps this gun is suited pretty well for middle to longer ranges (100 feet and more). Although it is too hot for most CQB Arenas, you can install the Ra-Tech NPAS-Kit to regulate the nozzle velocity. Due to the long inner barrel length it is pretty accurate and comparable to an M16. The rate of fire is at about 900 rounds per minute on fully automatic which allows you to empty a magazine in a short period of time. Also, the cooldown effect is very low. It allows you to empty a whole magazine on fully automatic without a significant drop of the ROF. Being an GBBR, there are no High-Caps whatsoever (would ruin the realism in my opinion) and you have to think about every shot. Due to its strong Hop-Up System, I recommend 0,3g BB's or heavier.


All in all this gun is a pretty good choice for every GBBR fan. Being not as expencive as other models it has a good performance and overall built quality. there are just a few negative aspects such as the plastic loding nozzle or the stiff bolt release lever. But these are just some minor points that can be neglected if you look at the price. The WE G39K is extremely affordable and a solid base for every G36 fan.

- Price
- Performance
- Built quality
- Plastic nozzle
- Stiff bolt release lever
- No rails on either side of the handguard
Esthetism rating: 8/10
Performance rating: 9/10
Precision rating: 9/10
Accessories rating: 7/10
Quality rating: 9/10
Overall rating:

Socrates nice review mate! have the C version an its a blast

7 years ago

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