Red LASER & CREE LED Torch Combo Review

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A tac-light and red laser on a pistol – sorry I don't have the room on a pistol, are you mad or something! Well, no I'm not, now you can have the benefit of BOTH with this great small light weight unit from Flashlight-heaven with the Red LASER & CREE Combo.

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Full metal body construction
• Red laser and 3V CREE LED modules can be interchanged
• Fits to any 20mm rail type (weaver, picatinny, RIS, RAS); especially suited for pistols
• 635-655nm red laser beam < 5mw
• Ambidextrous sliding on/off switch
• Powered by one CR123A battery (included)
• Weight ~110 grams


The LASER unit provides a strong steady beam and the CREE LED torch is certainly sufficient for any pistol shooting in the dark. The head modules just screw into the main body of the unit and are extremely easy to change mid game. This means less weight as you don’t have to carry dedicated units into games with you, result! The units are small enough to store in a small pouch as well. The only ‘extra’ I think you should request when ordering this unit is a lens protector or two for protection of the glass, this is essential kit for those dark CQB games!

- light weight easily carried
- fits 20mm rail
- easy swap
- Ambidextrous sliding on/off switch
- easy fit no screws
- only fits 20mm rail
Esthetism rating: 6/10
Performance rating: 7/10
Precision rating: 8/10
Accessories rating: 8/10
Quality rating: 8/10
Overall rating:
Comments Your average score for each category came to 7.5/10 but instead you gave it a 5/10 without explaining.
Terrible review.

7 years ago

yosser i have no idea how the 5/10 is generated I didnt enter that - either that or its a typo - corrected now thanks for point ing it out!

7 years ago

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