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BioShot is a BB company that prides itself in providing the highest grade biodegradable BBs at an affordable price. Established in 2007 in Southern California, BioShot BBs rely on their product to do the advertising. "We don't do any advertising, only word of mouth to keep our costs down, so it takes some time for our name to get out there," says BioShot via an e-mail interview.

The company feels that with the growth of airsoft, there is added waste to our environment when we leave behind non biodegradable BBs. We as airsofters are responsible for taking care of the image of our sport, as well as the environment in which we play in. Their motto is “Leave Nothing Behind.”


As a matter of fact, BioShot does not make a single, non biodegradable BB. When asked, why only bio? "We had the option to make both bio and ABS or PVC but the wave of the future is going bio so we decided to just focus on a great low cost bio bb" said BioShot.

BioShot's line of BBs include 6mm and 8mm caliber BBs and range from .20g-.32g @6mm, and .34g&.45g @8mm. Their .25g BB has become the company's most popular, and are available in single 5,000rd bags or a case of 20 bags. All of their bags come in solid black, UV resistant, and are re-closeable. The BBs are said to degrade anywhere between 60 days (in ideal conditions) to up to a year (poor conditions), depending on soil and weather conditions. Quality control prior to packaging is handle at their South California location. You might say, “But yea, Bio BBs are MUCH more expensive.” Maybe, but a 5k bag of BioShot BBs normally cost $17.00 (on sale for $16.00 as of 01/04/12). Blows a hole in your theory, yes?

We at Dropkick Mercenaries have long embraced the “Green” theory, and share BioShot's views on our environment. We hope that all airsofters do the same, if not for the environment, at least for the image of our sport.

6MM (White Only)
.20g 5k- $15.00 20/5ks $280.00
.23g 5k- $16.00 20/5ks $300.00
.25g 5k- $16.00 20/5ks $320.00
.28g 5k- $18.00 20/5ks $340.00
.30g 5k- $17.75 20/5ks $335.00
.32g 4k- $19.00 20/4ks $360.00

8mm (White Only)
.34g 1.5k- $10.00 20 1.5k $185.00
.45g 1.5k- $12.00 20 1.5k $225.00

(Prices effective 1/9/12; products/prices subject to change.)

The Test

I purchased these BB's directly from BioShot at www.bioshotbb.com/ , and received my shipment in a very timely manner (especially for coming across the states). Feedback, and responses to my Facebook (www.facebook.com/pages/BioShot/145240815525087) posts have also been timely and helpful.

My shipment included two bags, .25g & .30g. The containers themselves look especially sharp, matched their website, and provided for easy brand recognition. The bags also serve to protect the BBs from the Sun, as they are meant to break down over time. Grab a handful of BBs, and they appear to be consistent, seamless, and are an off white color (not brown, or tinted green like some brands). All the BBs appear to have the same shine as one another, absent the one BB that just didn't get the same polish.

I have had my BBs for a few months now, and have not had issues with performance degradation do to the BBs themselves breaking down in their bags. It important to note however, that you should not store you BBs (Bio or Not) in a overly heated environment, as they will break down or deform regardless if they are Bio or PVC/ABS. I do live in Florida (US) and have had the bags out on tables in the heat for a few hours at a time during operations.

The Dropkick Mercenaries purchased 19,000rds of .25g, .28g, and .30g 6MM BBs. Every member on the team was given a Hi-Cap or 3 Mid-caps with their choice of gram BB. During a 6 hour operation, there was not a single issue, miss fire, or broken BB inside a gun. The results....perfect! Team members reported and increased in accuracy, better grouping, and less loners (single BB that takes off in other direction).

The teams magazines include Magpul/Star P-mags, Star, King Arms Mid/Hi caps, KWA, Flashmags, and few various other magazines. Non reported an issue.


In closing, I would like to point out that about 6 months ago, some players expressed a concern about feeding issues in Magpul's P-Mag. Bio Shot, through their facebook page, acknowledge, addressed, and seemingly fixed the issue. I myself use Magpul's 75rd P-Mags at every operation, and have not had an issued with the P-Mags (at one point, I had a bad magazine.)

Bio BBs ARE the wave of the future, and I believe that BioShot BBs are riding that wave with an effective, tested formula that will keep your BBs feeding, flying, and hitting their mark, every time. These BBs stand up to any of the more popular BBs (atrix, G&G) and a fraction of the cost.

The future? BioShot has something's cooking. Plans include to reintroduce their .36g BB with "great improvements", and R&D have begun on possible heavier BBs (but stress that this is just in the R&D Phase.)

- Biodegradable
- Low Cost for ANY BB
- Accurate
- straight flight
- lack of color
Esthetism rating: 9/10
Performance rating: 9/10
Precision rating: 9/10
Accessories rating: 9/10
Quality rating: 9/10
Overall rating:

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