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Category Replicas
Subcategory Pistols
Model 18c
Brand KWA
Propulsion Gas
Shoot modes Semi-auto Auto
Cost 120 GBP
Range 100 feet (30.48 meters)
Fire rate 1000 rounds/min
Magazine cap 23
Battery life 10000000000 hours
Weight 730 grams (1.61 lbs)
Size 20.5 centimeters
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Creation date January 09, 2012
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This is about my 4th gas blowback pistol and my first review so i would like as much useful feedback as possible guys. I would realy appreciate it.

Now to start off with this is my second glock pistol the first one i got was an Army R17 and both are good pistols, but there are quite a few differences, im not going to discuss these as it is not a comparison.

Cosmetics, Flexibility and Build:

The look and feel of this gun is quite high quality, The stippling feels great in your hand and your hand feels just at home. The metal is coated in a nice high quality paint with a sort of matte finish on it which looks realy cool. The damn let-down about the slide is there is no glock trade engravings on it! It just looks realy odd looking at a gun with no trades on the slide. I dont know why glock gets their panties in a twist about airsoft guns having their trades on it. FREE ADVERTISEMENT! Also it could lead to potential buyers for the real steel! Well I guess il have to find a CNC machine and put them on there myself.

The sound of this gun is just amazing, the sound when you rack that slide is so satisfying you just have to do it again, and maybe a few more times after that just for the sake of it. It sounds good when it fires. You can hear the positive clinking of the mechanisms when you pull the trigger.

The build is quite sturdy but the slide tends to wobble a little bit, but all the glocks ive picked up seem to have this problem so i do not think that the KWA glock family is alone on this one. However the selector switch is a little finicky, mine sticks out a little when its on safe.

The gun its self is quite flexible as its fully automatic and compact. It has an underbarrel rail for mounting lasers or tac lights if you need them. You can even get a few 50 round magazines and use it as a primary CQB weapon if you realy wanted to. There is also an FPG convertion kit for the glock that turns it into a compact SMG in a box!

Performance and Reliability:

The gun will perform smoothly in warm weather i have no doubt about that, but it just hates the cold with a passion. I cant even get off an 10 round burst at 10 degrees without a noticable fire rate decrease. It fires perfectly up to 10 rounds then TA TA ta ta ta.... Then i have to stop firing before the mag blows. Not a good gun for winter games, and this is on brut sniper gas! BUT! On semi automatic the firing is flawless at 10 degrees celcius so, you should be fine so long as you dont go matrix style.

The selector switch is a little wobbly but i dont think its much of a problem as the allen screw under the sight is as tight as it will go. Still functions well its nice and crisp going into both firing modes. The biggest bummer of the firings switch has to be the innability to change firing modes whilst the slide is locked down. You have to rack the slide atleast 5 mm back in order to change firing modes.

The magazines are composed of metal appart from the sealls and the o rings, this mag isnt going to break compared to them meister magazines for some other glocks out there with the crappy plastic feed nozzles and that. The magazines can hold about 2 mags worth of gas on a descent day. Considering the magazines themselfs are kindof small.


I am quite pleased with this gun over all but there are a few things i want KWA to change personaly such as the trades and not being able to change fire mode whilst the slide is locked down, Over all this is a good affordable sidearm. It look sexy, fully automatic and copact. I would reccomend this to anyone who likes glocks for the reason that KWA has great rep and customer service and their NS2 System.

Most of the cons are just my opinion so dont take them to heart!

Thats all guys thanks for reading!

- Good Rate Of Fire
- Affordable
- Reliable
- Select Fire
- Sturdy Materials
- Iffy Selector Switch
- Bad for full auto on cold days
- No Trades
Esthetism rating: 10/10
Performance rating: 7/10
Precision rating: 8/10
Accessories rating: 6/10
Quality rating: 9/10
Overall rating:

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