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Category Replicas
Subcategory Sub-machine guns
Model MP9A3
Brand KWA
Propulsion Gas
Shoot modes Semi-auto Auto
Cost 200 GBP
Range 150 feet (45.72 meters)
Fire rate 1200 rounds/min
Magazine cap 48
Battery life 1e16 hours
Weight 1500 grams (3.31 lbs)
Size 35 centimeters
General Informations
Creation date January 09, 2012
Views 7250
Comments 0
Likes 2
Language English
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Damn this gun is big, black, loud and fast. Anyone who stands up against you in battle will quake in fear from this awesome SMG.

Cosmetics, flexibility and build:

This gun is realy neat its blocky and rounded all at the same time. The plastic is realy nice feeling and dosnt seem cheap at all. it hardly has any give whatsoever, The outer barrel is metal, mostly all of the internals are metal. The trades are not that annoying whatsoever considering they arent real. They actualy look kinda neat. The magazine also has realistic ammunition count engravings on it. The gun has verry little wobble. The only dissapointments i have with the build. and this is me being picky is that the top rail and rear sight should have been metal in my opinion. The magazine agains is completely made of metal, enough said.

The gun is also verry flexible, even more so than the A1 variant as it has the extra under barrel rail, which on you can mount a laser flashlight or even a grenade launcher somehow if you are mad enough. it also enables you to fit this into some for of holster as a sidearm if you can find one that will take this gun. One of them i know is the viper dropleg holster but i feel as if that holster is kinda flimsy. Ive put on an image on how id probably have my MP9 In CQB Mode. Also Note if you want you can even remove the buttstock for reduced weight and increased compactness. The gun also has a two stage trigger so on fully automatic you can just pull the trigger half way for a single shot, or all the way for a burst, or keep a hold of it all the way down for full automatic awesomness! The only downside i see to the flexibility is you have to buy a silencer adapter third party. I feel as if this should come with some from of inner barrel extention.

Performance and Reliability:

Ive had no problems whatsoever with my MP9 It fires great down to tempreatures of 2 degrees celcius on fully automatic at 1200 RPM. And on a warm day 10 degrees (In winter) I managed to get 2 full magazines out of one fill of Abbey Brut Sniper Gas. So i would imagine id get atleast 3 on a summers day of 20 degrees plus! And damn this gun is loud, my ears ring every time i fire it. The cocking lever is located on the top rear corner of the gun which is kinda neat and compact as you do not have anything sticking out so you wont get it snagged up on your kit when luging it around the field.

But the only problem ive been having with the cocking lever is that inside theres a small pin that keeps coming loose, well ive lost this pin but it still works perfectly! What happens is that the cocking lever sometimes jams when i try to cock but it usualy stops if i push the lever home and try again. Ive opened the gun up and striped it and there was no obstruction and i noticed the pin had gone. I think it sort of holds the sear back a little further than it would sit without the pin.

The hop up is great i get consistant shots out in my back yard, i havnt had a chance to field test this but im able to hit an 2 x 2 inch target at 15 m is pretty good for such a short barreled bb gun.

The magazine is great no feed problems exept with .3 g bbs i wanted to test out of curiousity kept on jaming inside the magazine preventing the bbs from traveling up the magazine towards the receiver every 3 rounds. The gun fired them perfectly but it was the magazines fault. .2g bbs work perfectly on mine (ASG Blasters).

The selector switch is verry positive and is a little sticky to begin with, but a little silicone on there should sort it out in no time.

The recoil on this gun is quite powerful, on full auto the gun shakes quite a little bit. Its verry smooth and flows nicely with little gas spraying. And the slide locks back verry positivly

The sights built onto the gun are fine in my opinion but its going to be a problem to line them up if you are using the but stock and googles, when i try to look down the sights with my goggles on (Revision Desert locust) my goggles are pushed up by the but stock and i end up seeing only the post above the loophole.

Reccomendations and thoughts:

The only thing i would realy reccomend for this gun is if you want to add a silencer or flash suppressor onto it (Madbull flashhider/ loudener) which i deffinetly want to do, There is a good after market company that does them for the KWA MP9 which is called dangerwerks. Check out youtube for videos on how to install them ect ect.

I think this gun is realy neat, a close competitor to the mp7, which im considering on aslo getting. It looks extremely cool and its verry affordable at 200 pounds (300 ish USD) and i dont think it realy needs any modifications exept maybe a threaded barrel for silencers. KWA make great quality gbb guns, ever since i got mad about airsoft ive loved their guns for their build quality and performance. Id totaly sugest this gun to anyone out there looking for a non weather fussed little war machine for cqb. Totaly get one (OR TWO) The bad thing is they go through ammo like humans through water in a desert so you gotta get atleast 4 spare mags, but at 40 pounds each thats realy pricey but hey! Airsoft is an expensive hobby so why not?

If you dont like the look of the mp9 you can always go for KWA's MP7A1 which is officaly liscenced by UMAREX i hear.


So that is my review of the KWA MP9 I hope ive been useful and if you have any suggestions or commends please feel free to drop one below

Happy fraggings guys!

- Rapid and intimidating.
- Loud and Scary.
- Cheap .
- High Quality .
- Erganomic, Flexible and Ambidexterous.
- Loud and scary (To little girls ofc :3)
- No Threaded Barrel
- Magazines are expensive
Esthetism rating: 10/10
Performance rating: 9/10
Precision rating: 9/10
Accessories rating: 8/10
Quality rating: 10/10
Overall rating:

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